“Donut” took a break at home for a year until her husband asked. Prey still hasn’t changed his mind about not having children.

look like this time the heroine – the young organizer “Donut Manasan Panlertwongsakul” will break the industry to act as a full-time wife of the young man “Tam Chamnong Arsa”, who today (20 September 2022) donut came out to the event. Ready to open up after going a whole year that he didn’t get a job, didn’t do anything for a year because he wanted to rest. I used to work a lot in the past So I just want to stay at home and be still, but it’s good to have activities to do at home. cooking for a husband Go for a walk in the supermarket. From the usual husband to go because we work all the time taken care of Stay at home until he asks if you are not going to work? But he likes that we are at home.

When asked about being a very workaholic Isn’t this just? “I’ll be back soon. having received the drama of P’ Aof – P’ Daeng I should have opened the camera at the end of this year (65) I started thinking about it. Indeed, many chapters are connected, but we have to look at things that are right and suitable for us.”

Previously, he had said that he did not want to have children. but have been resting at home for a year Have you started to change your mind about your children? Many people recommend depositing the eggs first because we are already number 4, but we still think the natural method is the best. Let’s talk about it soon. Honestly, my husband doesn’t want to have one.” – Nine Entertainments

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