Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction accelerates hydrogen gas turbine development… Strengthening cooperation with public power generation companies

Business agreement with Korea East-West Power, Ulsan Metropolitan City, and SK Gas to demonstrate hydrogen gas turbines for power generation
Korea’s first hydrogen gas turbine demonstration at Ulsan combined cycle power plant by 2027
Signed a business agreement with Korea Midland Power to ‘revitalize domestic hydrogen gas turbines’

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[내외뉴스통신] By Kwon Dae-hwan

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is accelerating the development of eco-friendly hydrogen gas turbines.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction recently concluded agreements with public power generation companies and local governments to develop and demonstrate large-scale domestic hydrogen gas turbines for power generation.

On the 3rd, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction signed a business agreement with Ulsan Metropolitan City, Korea East-West Power, and SK Gas to promote the hydrogen gas turbine demonstration project. According to this agreement, △Administrative support for Ulsan City to build infrastructure for hydrogen gas turbine business △East-West Power Korea demonstrated hydrogen gas turbine based on domestic technology △SK Gas established a hydrogen supply basis △ Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction will be in charge of developing and supplying hydrogen gas turbine technology. .

In particular, each company participating in this agreement will participate in a demonstration project to convert the gas turbines of the Ulsan Combined Cycle Power Plant, which has been operating for more than 25 years, into 270MW hydrogen gas turbines by 2027. This is the first case in the country.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction COO President Jeong Yeon-in said, “Based on these agreements, we plan to foster the hydrogen gas turbine business as a next-generation new growth power generation industry.” “It is even more meaningful in that it can supply eco-friendly energy to the local community.”

Earlier, on the 2nd, an agreement was signed with Korea Midland Power for ‘achieving the 2050 carbon-neutral goal and revitalizing domestic hydrogen gas turbines’. Korea Midland Power plans to introduce hydrogen mixed combustion combustor and hydrogen gas turbine technology, which Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is developing as a national project, while Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction plans to develop hydrogen gas turbine technology and secure technology for mass production of related parts.

Power plants that use hydrogen as fuel emit less pollutants than existing LNG gas combined cycle power plants. According to the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, when 30% of hydrogen is co-firing, it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 10.4% compared to LNG power plants, and by 50%, it can be reduced by 21.4%. Hydrogen-fired power plants have zero carbon emissions.

Hydrogen is receiving a lot of attention as one of the solutions for carbon neutrality, and major companies such as the US, Germany, and Japan are also actively promoting hydrogen gas turbine commercialization in connection with each country’s policies. The global hydrogen gas turbine market is expected to grow to 40 trillion won by 2030.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction succeeded in developing its own model of a large gas turbine for power generation for the fifth time in the world in 2019. Since May of last year, it has been the fastest developing technology in the hydrogen gas turbine field, such as participating in the national project ‘Development of 50% hydrogen co-firing eco-friendly combustor for 300MW class high-efficiency hydrogen gas turbine’ together with the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials.

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