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Doosan Lee Byung-hun, LG Cho Won-tae, Kiwoom Joo Seung-woo, Seoul’s first nomination no change

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Sungkyunkwan University right pitcher Joo Seung-woo. | By Gil Sung-yong, staff reporter

[스포츠서울 | 윤세호기자] There was no change. Doosan, LG, and Kiwoom all chose the first round as expected. Prior to the decision, Cho Won-bin (18, Seoul Convention High School) applied for the rookie draft and notified him to go to the United States, and was excluded from the nomination list.

At the beginning of this week, Doosan selected Lee Byung-hun (18, Seoul High School) and LG chose Cho Won-tae (18, Sunrin Internet High School) on the 19th. With the official announcement date of the first nomination approaching two days away, all three of the Seoul area’s first nominations became pitchers in four years. Four years ago, three right pitchers, Woojin Ahn of Kiwoom, Bin Kwak of Doosan, and Youngjoon Kim of LG were selected for the first round of Seoul area nominations.

It wasn’t that his preference for beasts was so low. As revealed in the cases of Byeong-wook Lim (Kiwoom) in 2014, Jae-seong Kim (LG) in 2015, Hyo-sang Joo (Kiwoom) 2016, Jeong-hoo Lee (Kiwoom) in 2017, Daehan Kim (Doosan) in 2019, and Joo-hong Park (Kiwoom) in 2020, the three Seoul teams consistently look to the beast. put In the case of Lee Jung-hoo, he was selected by Kiwoom as the first and second pick in the Seoul area at the time, establishing himself as a representative hitter in the league. The results of the first nomination in the Seoul area in 2017 were Ko Woo-seok (1st place), Lee Jung-hoo (2nd place), and Choi Won-jun (3rd place).

This time, there was no lack of interest in the beast. Doosan, LG, and Kiwoom all watched Cho Won-bin carefully. Until the beginning of this week, I put Cho Won-bin in the candidate group and put a lot of thought into it. As Jo Won-bin submitted his application for the draft, which ended on the 14th, the club did not take his eyes off him until the end.

However, it is known that Jo Won-bin transferred to the United States to the three Seoul clubs right after Doosan’s Lee Byung-hun’s first round of nomination was decided. Accordingly, as expected, LG chose Cho Won-tae and Kiwoom chose Joo Seung-woo. On the 20th, a Kiwoom club official said, “There is nothing unusual. “We did put a pitcher who wasn’t on the list, but the selection was exactly what we expected,” he said.

With this, Kiwoom selected a college graduate as the first pick for the first time. So far, Kiwoom has nominated Im Byeong-wook from Deoksu High School, Choi Won-tae from Seoul High School, Hyo-sang Joo from Seoul High School, Jeong-hoo Lee from Hwimun High School, Woo-jin Ahn from Hwimun High School, Joo-seong Park from Gyeonggi High School, Joo-hong Park from Jangchung High School, and Jae-young Jang from Deoksu High School. All of them were high school graduates, but I chose Joo Seung-woo, a college graduate this year, the last year of the first round of selection.

It is evaluated that Joo Seung-woo’s skills are excellent. Although Joo Seung-woo played an active role in winning the Presidential Cup with Kang Baek-ho (KT) and Lee Jae-won (LG) during his time in Seoul High School, he was not nominated for a pro due to his short stature. However, after entering college, both skill and body grew rapidly. From his freshman year at university, he used a high-speed ball of 150 km or more, and this year, the speed increased to the mid-150 km range. Following the University Baseball U-League King’s Championship in June, he led the team to win the National Collegiate Baseball Championship in July.

Recently, the KBO League has marked the progress of new pitchers. In addition to the three teams in Seoul, the first-designated pitchers, including KT Sojoon, Lee Ui-ri and Jung Hae-young’s KIA, Won Tae-in, Lee Seung-hyun’s Samsung, Seo Jun-won, Choi Jun-yong, Kim Jin-wook’s Lotte, and Oh Won-seok’s SSG, have established themselves as core strengths. Doosan, LG, and Kiwoom’s preference for pitchers is also not unrelated. In addition to Seoul’s three teams, pitchers are expected to dominate the first round of seven teams.

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