double execution Ruthless father throws 2 children down the building to die, pleasing his new girlfriend, makes me feel sorry for Thip next to the body

The court ordered the death penalty for the couple. A ruthless father threw two children into the building, tragically killed. The new boyfriend was hit as well. The mother of the child revealed that he was offered 1.5 million baht to cover his mouth.

Foreign news agencies reported that A man and his girlfriend from Chongqing Municipality west of china Was sentenced to death for willful murder. Conspiracy to kill two children from the man’s previous marriage

On Nov. 2, 27-year-old Zhang Bo threw his two-year-old daughter and one-year-old son from a bedroom window in a 15th-floor flat in Lang’an under pressure from Ye Che. Nguan is a girlfriend, because she and her family cannot accept the fact that her boyfriend has children.

Chongqing 5th Intermediate People’s Court The verdict said: “The actions of the two defendants undermine the norms of law and morality. The motives of crime are extremely disgusting. And the way of committing crimes is extremely cruel. The case had a serious impact and caused dire social influence. therefore had to be sentenced to death.”

Chen Meilin, the mother of the two children, revealed that in 2019, Zhang Bo cheated on her and had a deep relationship with Ye Chengduan. A divorce was filed in February 2020, with Zhang Bo raising a one-year-old son and Chen Meilin raising a two-year-old daughter.

On the day of the accident, Zhang Bo invited his daughter to come to the house. claiming to buy clothes for her He then threw his son and daughter out of the window, while Chen Meilin was not in the house either.

Chen Meilin added, at the time of the accident Zhang Bo is making a video call with Ye Chengduan. who began to slit the wrist This shocked Zhang Bo until he hung up the phone and threw his children. out through the window Later, neighbors found Zhang Bo weeping next to his children’s corpses.

However, after the incident, Ye Chengduan’s family Offered compensation of 300,000 yuan (about 1.5 million baht) to her, but Chen Meilin refused the money. saying that her conscience would not allow her to do so. because it’s no different from that side buying the lives of her two children



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