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double goose t-shirt Canvas project launch, join the hands of artists to splash paint on white shirts Plain t-shirts well made.

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Because I believe that every normal person has a good angle. in its own way Find that special one and do the best you can. double goose clothing brand They have been with the Thai people for almost 70 years and hold this concept as a starting point for creating each work. To come out to be the best t-shirt the way we intend to do it.

To communicate the hidden values ​​behind these ideas concretely. So Double Goose launched the Canvas project under the idea of ​​turning t-shirts into A Blank Canvas, giving space to the plain t-shirts of a couple of geese. to become a special space where artists and designers from all fields Create and display good works for the eyes of the artist’s true fans.

Kunakorn Thanasarnsombat, Managing Director of Thailand Knitting Factory Co., Ltd. or DOUBLE GOOSE, “This Canvas project is the next step that will communicate with our users in every generation of the campaign. A simple t-shirt.. well done. After nearly 70 years, the brand has built the confidence and pride of double goose t-shirt lovers.

By emphasizing to those who like to wear plain t-shirts, we know that it’s not just you who feels good about our high quality solid t-shirts. We’re proud of the DNA of a pair of geese that don’t try to be anyone. Amidst the trend and usage that is changing beyond expectations at any time today.

The brand offers the experience of wearing comfortable t-shirts to make them happy and truly be themselves. without having to look for a special Beyond complete comfort and reliability he found that after conveying this idea Had feedback and thanks from big and new goose fans.

That’s why the creative team comes up with ideas. Tell a deeper story in what it means to be a simple t-shirt that has a lot to offer and this is the Canvas project under the concept of a T-Shirt being a blank canvas! The first collection of printed t-shirts in 70 years from the brand Double goose white shirts are not just for dressing up. but a canvas for artists from all fields to express creative work exhibited and spread good ideas through this canvas outside the showroom

This first collection A pair of geese has 5 artists and illustrators to design the prints, namely:

JCCHR or Chansirisathaporn Nan Jidapha famous illustrator With digital and traditional works that are unique with elegant surrealist style paintings. stand out with imagination Combining the beauty of flowers, animals and plants in a supernatural perspective.

JIRAYU KOO or Jirayu Kuamornpattana A real person in the world of modern art with many paintings Always looking for the positive side of everything around her, leading the way to create works full of happiness and smiles, JIRAYU has been recognized internationally for more than a decade. and has worked with top brands such as Apple Nike

Moonmanas Nakrob or Mulmanas warrior A collage artist who excels at creating works by becoming “Thainess” is the principle of work. Under a style that is bold, striking, but hidden with a deep meaning. His creations are popular with Thai and foreign collectors.

SS or Sutichat Saraphaiwanich One of the legends of Thai cartoon lovers. Owner of the “Joe” character line, an octopus-headed detective. in the mutant aquatic world of the 90s cartoon Joe the Sea-cret Agent, published in Boy Kosiyabong Katch magazine.

PIRA OGAWA or Pira Ogawa A 75-year-old artist who spreads free-lance geometric art in his own style after carefully crafting “insects” and animals as he wishes. It began with the use of art therapy to treat tinnitus throughout life.

After starting this first project The pair of geese also work with prints with ‘KidKid’ gum, a famous brand in the 80’s for everyone to remember, and prints by Jom Pattamakanthin, a true shellfish fan. Specialists in different types of shellfish around the world. Soon it will be released to follow (follow Project VDO at:

T-shirts in the Canvas project are available for 390 baht each, in SML and XL sizes to meet the needs of target consumers of all genders. Covering all generations Premium quality fabrics with unique manufacturing innovations. It can be worn daily and can match any style of dress.

Sask for details And follow the work of many other artists at FB: Double Goose Double IG: doublegoosethailand Line: and Shopee Lazada or Shop 4 double geese in Samyan Mitretown, The Thapra Mall, The Bangkae Mall The Bangkapi Mall

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