Doubts about defeating Yuya Osako and Kyogo Furuhashi? Criticism of Kobe and Yuki Kobayashi’s “Kakikayo” posts | Football Tribe Japan

Yuya Osako Photo: Getty Images

FW Yuya Osako (32), who belongs to Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League Vissel Kobe, was removed from the Japanese national team members facing the FIFA World Cup Qatar tournament. His teammates at Vissel Kobe may have doubts about defeating him, as he has a lot of experience on the big stage, such as participating in two consecutive tournaments since the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Yuya Osako has been active as an absolute striker for the Japanese national team for a long time. In the Qatar Asian World Cup Final, he started 8 out of 10 matches and contributed a lot to winning the right to participate in this tournament. However, he was not invited to the Kirin Challenge Cup and Kirin Soccer Cup 2022 in June this year due to poor conditions, and was not a member of the Kirin Challenge Cup 2022 held in Germany last month.

However, Hajime Moriyasu has selected FW Kiyo Ueda (23), who belongs to Circle Brugge, and Daizen Maeda (24), who belongs to Celtic, although they are expected to join the Qatar World Cup finals .

Then, on the announcement night of the Qatar World Cup members, MF Yuki Kobayashi (30) and Leo Osaki (31), who belong to Vissel Kobe, posted “???”. Vissel Kobe fans and J-League fans, who saw Yuya Osako’s defeat as a message, said, “I feel the same about Hajime Moriyasu’s election to the national team,” “If it’s about the national team, it’s true,” and “It’s great to send it honestly!” Many comments were received in support of the player’s post.

However, on the other hand, critical opinions such as “I’m still a child”, “Active players don’t bite too much”, and “That’s…” erupted. There are also voices calling for a clearer message, such as “You should say it clearly” and “Say more please.”

Among the players who played for Vissel Kobe, forward Kyogo Furuhashi (27), who belongs to Celtic, was also eliminated. Kyogo Furuhashi has been showing his true performance with 8 goals in the Scottish 1st division this season, but he will be on the bench in the game against Japan. Even in the match against Ecuador’s Kirin 2022 Challenge Cup on the 27th of last month, he could not show his presence in the first 45 minutes and was substituted at half time.

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