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DPAINT taps the IPO price of 7.50 baht

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“Delta Color” knocks the IPO price of 53.25 million shares at a price of 7.50 baht per share, expects to receive money from raising funds of approximately 373.16 million baht (after deducting related expenses). Ready to trade on the mai market 28 Oct. ’64 with “Finansa Securities” as the leader of the offering of securities, along with 3 leading brokers.

Mr. Ronnarit Tangkaravakun, Chief Executive Officer of Delta Paint Public Company Limited or DPAINT revealed that DPAINT, as one of the leaders in the building paint business that has been with Thai people for a long time, is ready to drive growth with quality innovative products. and meet the needs of each target customer group Prepare to move forward steadily to become a market leader in the Top 5 of the Thai building paint industry in the next 5-10 years and generate good results in the long run. Listing on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai), thus unlocking restrictions. both in terms of funding sources, production and aggressive market expansion plans coupled with management with international standards increase competitiveness and opportunities for exponential growth in the future Therefore, I would like to give the public and investors the opportunity to take part in building on our success.

The proceeds from this fundraising, amounting to approximately 373.16 million baht (after deducting related expenses), will be used to invest in the improvement of factories, machines and production systems at the Suwinthawong plant, amounting to approximately 150 million baht. Time to use money by 2025 to increase productivity and effective cost management This will also be used to finance the purchase of 440 color mixers, amounting to approximately 100 million baht, by 2025 to expand the number of modern retailers and retailers to cover more nationwide. and increase the opportunity to expand the paint product group with good profit margin

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In addition, the money will be used to invest in the ERP system of approximately 10 million baht and to invest in the construction of a LAB room of approximately 5 million baht by 2022, to repay a short-term loan of 25 million baht by 2021, and the rest will be used as money. Working capital amounting to 83.20 million baht

Mrs. Jareerat Bulsuk Managing Director Finansa Securities Company Limited, as an underwriter and underwriter, revealed that Delta Color Public Company Limited has set the price for the initial public offering (IPO) of 53.25 million shares at the price of 7.50 baht/share, available for subscription on October 19 – 21 and is expected to be listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) on October 28, 64 in the real estate and construction industry. Construction Materials Business in the name of the securities “DPAINT”

The price of ordinary shares offered for sale is 7.50 baht per share, which is a reasonable price level. The price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) is 32.80 times based on the calculation of earnings per share from the latest 4 quarterly operating results (from July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021), which is considered a reasonable discount from the price ratio. to the average net profit of the group of companies that operate the same or similar business both domestically and internationally, and see that DPAINT has outstanding fundamentals It is the third stock in the building paint product group in the capital market, outstanding in innovation. and products to meet the needs of modern consumers It is an opportunity to generate income and profit that will continue to grow in the future.

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Recently, DPAINT has signed the appointment. Finansa Securities Co., Ltd. is the underwriter and underwriter. Along with the underwriters and underwriters are Finansia Syrus Securities Public Company Limited, Yuanta Securities (Thailand) Company Limited and Securities Company. CGS-CIMB (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Ms. Duanphan Leelavivat, Managing Director of Pioneer Advisory Company Limited, as a financial advisor, said that the attractiveness of DPAINT is its status as a manufacturer and distributor of building paint that has been in the industry for more than 42 years. As well as the executives with expertise and a professional team. Develop an aggressive business expansion strategy with the factors supporting the overall picture of the paint business that still has opportunities for future growth Because paint is a building material that needs to be reused. Therefore, there is a demand from the market. It is also developed with new technologies. continuously It is a business that has to go in parallel with the growth of construction. urban development And the country, especially Thailand, has developed and invested in infrastructure projects according to long-term plans. make the construction industry recover faster As a result, the demand for building paint grows in tandem. It is believed that DPAINT will receive a good response from investors in this IPO.

In the past 3 years (2018 – 2020), the Company and its subsidiaries had revenue from sales and services of 519.3 million baht, 585.7 million baht and 596.2 million baht, respectively. Accounted for average growth (CAGR) 7.2%, net profit was at 12.4 million baht, 34.9 million baht and 41.9 million baht, respectively, representing an average growth (CAGR) of 83.7%, as a result of the expansion of the customer base. By increasing the number of trading partners, both modern trade stores and retail stores. Including the start and distribution of many new products. especially the special quality paint group with good profit margin including cost advantage (Economies of Scale)

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For the overall performance of the first 6 months of the year 64, growing as planned, even under the Covid-19 situation, DPAINT reported revenue from sales and services of 387.7 million baht, a 31.7% increase from the same period last year, a net profit of 32.9 million baht. Growth 48.2% gross profit margin 43.3% net profit margin 8.5%


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