DPO. Answered the drama knot #Bantpo Admin answered correctly. Students infected with covid have to wait for the exam next year.

from the case of the page which is a public relations information page entrance examination system for higher education system TCAS Has released an update on the schedule of TCAS Year 65 for both GAT/PAT exams and general exams. along with preventive measures against COVID-19 for various examination fields as well as updated recommendations for test takers. causing a large number of students to ask for information to prepare

But soon there was a hot drama. That makes the hashtag #bantpo become the number 1 Twitter trend after one Twitter user Has come out to reveal the reply message of the admin of the TCAS page that has students asking about it. If infected with covid before the exam date (Failed on the day of the exam) What should I do? to which the admin replied that Take the exam next year or choose a branch that doesn’t require test scores.

The responses that have made the students in the online world go berserk as everyone has a faculty. have a branch that you would like to enter And no one would want to let the years pass by without continuing education Just because of bad luck, definitely infected with covid. And most importantly, no one wants to be infected. The system should have measures to support or see the importance of the future of children more

There are also many responses from the admins of the TCAS page that have escalated the outrage, such as people asking about the likelihood of exams being postponed. until the situation Will the outbreak get better or not? The postponement of the exam did not cause Omicron to disappear from Thailand. including people asking Why don’t all students check their ATK before entering the exam field? Admin replied that create a lot of burden

Latest today (21 Jan 20) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Charlie Charoenlapnopparat Vice President for Academic Affairs Thammasat University (TU) and the manager of the central system for people to study in higher education institutions or TCAS for the academic year 2022 of the Thammasat University revealed that if the administrator of the Mytcas page replied that they had to postpone the exam. or choose a subject that does not require test scores If the test taker is infected with COVID-19, the answer is truthful. The DTI has no special measures for those infected with COVID-19. If a candidate is diagnosed with COVID-19, he/she must miss the exam. DTC has done so. There will be no place to take the exam. or to the patient or those who are detained or the person who had an accident Come take the exam on another day instead.

“So those who are sick or have an accident on the day of the exam will be considered absent from the examination immediately. Came to the test field and there was a high temperature. or suspected to be sick will be screened again by ATK test after test negative will be arranged to sit for the exam in a special room which is a room for people with abnormal temperatures For people who test positive must go home or go to treatment As for whether to consider adjusting the answer to make it softer or not, it probably won’t, because the Office of the Defense Ministry gave the correct answer,” Assoc. Prof. Dr. Charlie said.



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