DPP sent TSMC talents away? Experts fear a repeat of Japan’s tragedy | Blog post

The semiconductor war between the United States and China is intensifying, and the reactions from all over the world are different. Some people give an endowment to sell women, while others do not.

On November 17, TSMC’s first batch of 300 key workers and their families took a chartered plane from the United States and flew directly to the production center in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. According to reports, TSMC will have around 3,000 TSMC employees as the core backbone of the new factory. Zhang Zhongmou, the founder of TSMC, said that TSMC’s investment in Arizona is currently the most advanced 5nm process in the United States, and will introduce a 3nm process in the future.

Zhang Zhongmou, founder of TSMC.  AP photos.

Zhang Zhongmou, founder of TSMC. AP photos.

Current affairs commentator Jie Wenji pointed out that TSMC originally planned to build six wafer fabs in Arizona, but now it is the next best thing to building a 5nm fab. Zhang Zhongmou is clearly asking for help, but what Tsai Ing-wen is doing now is “TSMC There is no one in my birth family, and I even sent a pile of dowry over.” He criticized that the Democratic Progressive Party’s strict review of mainland investment will take a long time, but the Investment Review Committee has quickly approved TSMC’s US$12 billion investment in a 3nm factory in the United States, and has not checked about Taiwan from completely

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