Dr. Anan reveals that UK experts gave Omicron red to escape immunity, drug resistance

Dr. Anan reveals information from a group of UK experts that the red “Omicron” escapes immunity. Resistance to drugs designed from antibodies

Today (December 6, 64) Dr. Anan Chongkaewwatana, a researcher in virology, Biotech, posted a message via Facebook about New strain of covid Omicron (Omicron), stating that

The Omicron Risk Assessment by a panel of UK experts gave red to Omicron’s immune fleeing properties from both natural and vaccinated infections. as well as the ability to resist drugs designed from antibodies.

We assessed the knowledge of the degree of escape emanating from previous virus strains and the changes on the spiny spike protein of Omikron.

on the spreading properties of the infection It’s also yellow-orange, that is, at least as close as the delta. But the assessment date was 3 days ago when the cases in the UK haven’t doubled every 3 days like today. The next assessment is expected to be promoted in red as well for the severity of Omicron-infected symptoms. Not yet evaluated due to insufficient information

Confidence level of all assessments (Confidence level) is low for the reason that There is not enough data from the laboratory or from Real-word data. Because the virus has just been detected in the country.

It is important to appreciate the work of the UK research team because they have already shared their work. Virus research team receives government funding very quickly. and quickly began to find a way to defend against the Omicron virus For each topic studied, if opening a call in Thailand would be quite good…”

Image from Reuters/Anan Jongkaewwattana.


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