Dr.. Dr. Abdel Moneim Abdel Mahmoud Al-Arabi / United Kingdom – Sudanile

upon determined people determination will be
Come up to the esteemed Makarem

Today, the blessed Monday, the fifth of the holy Ramadan, the month of mercy, forgiveness, and liberation from Hell, departed from our mortal world and from our fragrant quarter, with the grace and kindness of the Berbers, the friend, the honorable brother, the son of the generous, the kind, the grain, the beautiful in everything, Ambassador Hassan Abdulaziz Faraj. He went to his Lord clean from the filth of the world and its temptations, “the opium of short-sighted peoples.” O Lord, honor him in your tolerant spaciousness and in the gardens of eternity, to make the highest paradise, with your mercy, his abode.

We were brought together by the benevolent Berbers of the city, small and meek in our time, in which its inhabitants live like one family, get to know each other and intermarry, and eat food in one plate when they are gathered together in joys and sorrows. The intermediate school brought us together, and then the Berber secondary school, which was born in the days when the education revolution and openness to the countryside erupted, and secondary schools were opened in many cities of Sudan. Hasan was a name that applied to his name, for he was good in his behavior, morals, and dealing with people, and he was beautiful in his appearance and appearance, and no wonder, as he is the son of the secret of the merchants of the Berber market, which was in his time full of good agricultural crops, so his father had a tidy office, equipped with a telephone, and he had a private car at the time The dignitaries of the staff are proud of the beauty of their donkeys! His father was a wholesaler importing and exporting. The late Hassan grew up in a classy house, so he was graceful and classy in everything. A smile was scattered from his morning face, just as jasmine and jasmine roses were scattered from the bushes on spring mornings. Hassan was a kind brother to the Sudanese when he was ambassador to Germany and finally to London. He married into a decent family from Port Sudan, and had a daughter and a son, whom he named Mahmoud, in memory of his late brother, Mahmoud, in his youth. Unfortunately, the beautiful son in his form and growth became one of those with special needs, affected by the lack of oxygen during his birth. His parents accepted him with patience, satisfaction and love. Anyone who watches Brother Hassan Hasha Pasha cannot believe the extent of his life suffering. Despite him, he was in contact with others, not delaying in performing family, community and patriotic duties. He called me in a medical consultation that he had found that he was suffering from narrowing of the arteries of the heart, and despite the stents he was treated with, the doctor advised him to undergo a heart operation to transplant the defective arteries. I suggested that he first refer to colleagues at the Ahmed Kassem Center in Khartoum, so that they can perform this operation successfully, and it may be free of charge, or they may help him transfer to a heart surgeon who deals with him in Cairo. But I did not hear from him until after a while. I was surprised that he had preferred India for treatment, which unfortunately resulted in the disaster that broke the camel’s back. Hasan did not recover from anesthesia, and for the past five years he ended up bedridden and in a coma until today, God willing, he caught up with his Lord, clean, satisfied, and satisfied from a merciful, forgiving God. By God, I am saddened by his separation. My condolences to his brother Abdel Moneim, his daughter and his husband. May God reward them with the best reward for standing on his service and nursing him all those hard years.

And in his beautiful biography as a successful and sincere diplomat in his work inside and outside Sudan, it is also a biography that is spotlessly white from impurities. . It is my great regret and sadness that the conclusion of this fragrant biography is so sad and tragic, and here the meaning of al-Mutanabbi’s saying in the verse above is embodied: “With the strength of the people of determination, determination comes.” Ambassador Hassan was patient and strong, so God honored him to ascend to heaven clean.
Oh God, forgive him and have mercy on him
We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return
Condolences to all the family in Berber and Khartoum and to all his colleagues and acquaintances at the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs
I apologize for the above details, but what happened to our late brother and his son is considered one of the major medical errors that cannot be forgiven
Abd Almonem


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