Home Entertainment Dr. Krit pairs 6 zodiac signs ‘must watch out’ 1-16 June. Oh my god. This is it.

Dr. Krit pairs 6 zodiac signs ‘must watch out’ 1-16 June. Oh my god. This is it.

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Dr. Krit pairs 6 zodiac signs ‘must watch out’ 1-16 June. Oh my god. This is it.

On May 29, Dr. Krit confirmed free horoscopes for everyone. Has published a video clip. Click to watch “6 zodiac signs to watch out for during 1-16 June 2021”, indicating that the 6 zodiac signs consist of Aries, Libra, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn. which will be held together in pairs

including Aries-Libra Uranus on top, aiming, no extra stars. During this time, we may come back to be careful about bad luck. or about illness but not very serious There may be things to be careful about health. About spending a little money

Taurus-Scorpio At the end of the month, many people may have Rahu on the moon. Personally, Dr. Krit thinks that it shouldn’t be related. But these two signs have Rahu as the big star, which is the star of unease. sudden Still in the flora and is aiming Therefore, in the rhythm must be careful. Because there is also Mercury joining with Rahu. It means that they are lying and deceitful. Therefore, beware of deceitful liars who are involved in life. Be careful here, friends, business, there is a degree to be deceived.

July-Dragon There is a farmer’s Saturday, but the thing to be careful is that Tuesday comes in and aims for Saturday. Which is a semi-accident couple, a surgical couple, a couple suffering from allergies, bone pain, body aches, quarrels, must be careful Including being careful about impatient and quarrelsome. As for the advantages, it is a month that will be tiring and hard enough, but still earning gold from your perseverance. And will feel that it will be a little tired and should be careful about accidents There may be a crash or repair of the car. Be careful not to be careless, defiant, or post a lightning lure. There will be problems arguing.

In terms of finances, it is sufficient. It’s good as well, but it’s not very prominent. It’s good for profit, but after June 16, it’s going to be a little more difficult to make money. What should be done in the first 14 days or 2 weeks of June? More importantly, there is a chance to have an elder to help support. will have relatives to help Good luck with real estate

However, with those close to you, you must be careful that there will be conflicting criteria. because it comes from the mouth or thinking There can be annoyances with sick people as well.

The work is not clear, but the success is there. Be careful of working as a team, the team doesn’t work, it’s difficult to negotiate. wrong document Important documents should not be signed.

in the matter of love Single people may find a matchmaker or friends to recommend. If you suddenly press like, press something, there is a conversation. If there is already a partner, there will be a fortune from the lover.

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