Dr Maj Blackmail, the students already recognized the allegations. How severe is the director’s punishment? based on evidence

In progress, the director has filed charges against ‘Police Sword’ for causing rape of students.

On March 27, in the event that Police investigators, Khlong Ha police station Drunk famous university students in the Khlong Hok area then took him to rape and took a clip for blackmail until the victim sang the page Sai Mai, survived had to enter the complaint As already presented in the news

read: The ‘sword of the police’ is ready to cooperate, but ask for a time to come in and testify about the reason why the students are reporting harassment.

The latest at 11:00 am on the side Colonel Piyawat Patcharanittayatham The Superintendent of Khlong Ha Police Station revealed that the accused police sword today reported the prosecution and met with investigators, who were questioned by investigators. Ready to report allegations to the cause to know, namely Raping a woman who is not his wife by threatening in any way

which is from the initial conversation The accused continues to share the struggle. As a direct commander, I have not yet spoken much. In this regard, the investigating officer must first ask for clarity on each issue. The police swordsman had a slightly worried expression on his face.

As for the severity of the disciplinary action, it also depends on the testimony of the victim. submit the matter to the manager for consideration when setting up an investigation committee As regards the damage to the police station, there would be nothing because it is a personal matter for the person accused, not about duties

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