Dr Manoon has a question The last injection was at 4 months old Is it good to vaccinate the new model?

Dr Manoon answers questions. The last dose is at 4 months of age. The new COVID vaccination is not required. If 4 injections have not been completed, inject the current version first, noting that the new vaccine cannot catch up with the infection. Injected and still infected. But the old model or the new model can still reduce serious illness – death.

Today (20 December ’22), MD Manoon Leechawengwong, specialist in respiratory system Vichaiyut Hospital Posted a message on his personal Facebook page about the new vaccine, stating that I had 5 shots of vaccine, 2 shots of Sinovac, 1 shot from AstraZeneca and 2 shots from Moderna, recently infected. There are very few symptoms like a common cold. just a running nose

In my family, many people are infected with COVID. But no one was seriously ill. To the point of having to go to bed in hospital. Because everyone has received the full dose of vaccine and booster needles. shows the effectiveness of the vaccine Unlike people in risk group 608 who have never injected or injected only 1 injection, most of them are seriously ill. Some had respiratory failure and died.

Someone asked me if the last vaccination was more than 4 months before it was time for a booster. Should I go and get the new vaccine? He will fly to pick up in countries where they have new vaccines instead of the old vaccination in Thailand I noticed that there is no need to fly to receive the new vaccine. Please spray the current version in Thailand first.

The new vaccine contains two strains: the original Wuhan strain and the BA.5 strain. The global BA.5 virus is now being replaced by new strains such as BQ.1 and XBB, which can evade the new vaccine. The new vaccine cannot keep up with the COVID virus. The new vaccination can still become infected. But whether vaccinating older models or newer vaccines can reduce serious illness and death. In the future, there will be vaccines to prevent 3-4 types of COVID like the flu vaccine.

Therefore, there is no need to fly abroad now to get the new vaccine. People who have received less than 4 doses of vaccination are encouraged to inject the current vaccine in Thailand first.


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