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Dr. Manuon reveals “Uncle Khom” died from British strain of COVID rapidly destroying lungs: PPTVHD36

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On April 30, 64, “Uncle Kom Chuan Chuen”, a famous comedian He was taken to the hospital as soon as the COVID-19 was detected, and the family used to clip it. When the staff were admitted to the hospital, there was no indication of any symptoms. Aunt Khom can walk to the ambulance by himself. On the same day He also gave an interview on television and said, “My symptoms are very normal, there is no fever, no cough, a little aching, no red eyes” and also shouted insults. Which is the identity of Aunt Khom To confirm that he is fine

Later, on April 16, Ice Na Phacharin, the daughter of Aunt Khom, posted a clip of the video call talking with Uncle Khom. Which still confirms that the symptoms are normal It was likely the day that Aunt Humporn was taken to x-ray of the lungs. But pending results of examination

Then the symptoms of Humpback began to worsen According to the timeline, on April 17, a thick blemish was found on the lungs, causing Hunchback to be moved to the hospital. And was sent to the ICU To maintain himself, he must lie on his stomach because the lung tissue is low. Including having symptoms of asthenia, then 19 April, the oxygen value began to fall There is ongoing news that Aunt Khunchorn’s symptoms collapsed.Before 22 April, Aunt Kumpun’s daughter and son-in-law will record a crying clip, stating that Auntie has had kidney failure. Ready to ask a specialist doctor to help Then the symptoms did not improve until

Aunt Khumporn’s daughter yesterday updated her symptoms that she was in a coma. Many organs fail The body does not respond to the medication There is a risk that the heart will stop beating. The medical team has helped in every way and has not improved. If the heart stops beating The hunchback body may not respond to the pumping response because many organs fail. Until last morning, there was sad news that Uncle Khun has passed away.

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sadly! “Uncle Kom Chuan Chuen” has passed away. After treatment for COVID-19

There is additional information from Young Kanchai Kerdploy, saying that talking with Uncle Kom’s family know that since yesterday (29 Apr), Uncle Khun had a bad condition. The doctor gave me so much medication that my hands and feet were swollen and green, and the doctor told his family that Fully done All drugs given Is on the body that the body will be able to move or not The family also opened up that Aunt Koon was hospitalized for 19 days, but found that COVID was still present in the body, despite the fact that people would normally live only 14 days, and the doctor found one more bacteria in the lungs.

While Dr. Manoon Lee Chaweng Wong, an internist in respiratory diseases Vichaiyut Hospital explains that when COVID-19 spreads into the lungs, there is a risk of the infection infecting the respiratory system. The case of Uncle Khom Expect to be exposed to the British strain of COVID B1.1.7, a strain that can increase the upper respiratory tract infection. And the lower part has a lot When the infection enters the lungs It will destroy the lungs quickly. During this time, the patient’s body will try to build immunity to fight the virus. But at the same time, the immune system also affects the patient’s body.

“Causing respiratory failure Inability to get oxygen Inability to drive carbon dioxide from the body Causing the body to have acidic conditions Which will cause other organs to fail as well COVID also damages other organs such as the heart, liver and kidneys, eventually leading to multiple organ failure. If more than 3 systems fail, the chances of death are very high. ” Dr. Manoon said.

Dr. Manu said that the infection of COVID-19. British breed The infection is very original, the overall picture of the outbreak in April. 109 people have been found dead, compared to the first wave of the outbreak for 11 and a half months, with only 60 deaths, the only way to stop the wood from critically ill. And the death is vaccinated to build immunity. Which is now considered Vaccination in Thailand is very delayed.

This issue has been spoken a lot in the online world, especially the daughter of Aunt Khom. That shared a post of Natalie Davis, an actress who posted a message on IG Story, then Hunchback’s daughter Ice Share it personally With the message stating that “If our country has a more thorough vaccination sooner … if our country has a vaccine option. NACC is more … If our country cares more for the livelihoods of human beings … many losses would not occur. “

While another online drama is sharing messages in emergency administration requirements. Published in the Government Gazette Yesterday (29 Apr) on increasing the severity of the COVID-19 situation, the cause was mentioned because the document states that The reason for the need to expand the enforcement of emergency declaration and increase measures because most people Not careful yourself Relaxing disease control Causing COVID to spread to all areas Which the reason for becoming a drama

Because if you go back in the beginning of the month The outbreak happened because A group of infected people toured Thonglor’s entertainment venues and were accused of being a noble group, politicians and ministers, despite numerous opposition parties. But most people still do not believe the information.


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