‘Dr. New’ criticizes the behavior of ‘Three Fingers’, who is getting more and more depressed every day, and asks ‘Mumut y Hir’ to help bail again?

‘Dr. Newydd’ criticizes the behavior of the three fingers more and more every day. ‘Wat Phra Kaeo’ is an important national monument. but rather shows inferiority Hands not paddling, feet are wet. Asked if ‘Kao Kao’ will help bail again?

29 March 2023- Mr. Suphanat Apinyan or “Dr. New”, researcher under the MAST Center and Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, University of Arkansas, USA. Posted a message about the case of an independent spray painter painting the walls of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha before the police arrested him. Tuesday night 28, the past and

Three Fingers’ behavior was getting muddier every day. Wat Phra Kaew is a historical site of national importance. It is also a tourist attraction that tourists from all over the world flock to visit the Thai identity. But the three fingers show their inferiority. Hands not paddling, feet are wet. I don’t want to think that if the Progressive Party has power What will the city be like?

The Progressive Party is a three finger ideological alliance. There has always been movement in line with each other. They also hold the tail and defend even the position of MPs to regularly help bail. So, it is highly doubtful whether the Kao Klai Party was involved in the spray painting on the wall of Wat Phra Kaew this time, or a witness to it? And will bail come to the rescue again?

Did you know that a new 14-year-old girl has been lured into the three-fingered sect again? Coming to help take a clip of spray painting the walls of Wat Phra Kaew this time is not the first time. but he had a warrant for his arrest before The three fingers sect often deceives young women. To come out in front of the wrongdoing, prison, prison that violates human rights and children’s rights itself


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