Dr. Rawat suspects the government inspects less COVID Will not be worth it

Dr. Rawat emphasized that this is very worrying. In particular, proactive screening of the migrant workers in Samut Sakhon is not enough, which should be done as all or as possible as it is the largest cluster in the community of hundreds of thousands of people. In order to be able to isolate and quarantine as many infected people as possible In order to prevent the spread to Thai society, the government and the BEC should be transparent and should not be able to press the numbers of infected people in the migrant workforce. Just want to show beautiful numbers for advertisement It is not very worthwhile to put Thai people at risk again. And if any factories that want to screen themselves, they should consent and encourage them to do so and bring those numbers to the public as well.

For vaccination, we would like to support the guidelines Dr Manoon Lee Chawuangwong has proposed, namely, after giving 2 doses of medical personnel and those who should have received it, the rest of the vaccine should be administered to the general public. First, because there is evidence that the first dose can reduce the rate of morbidity and mortality, while the second dose comes when it is injected. Dr. Rawat say


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