Dr. Rumen Petkov: Kiril Petkov and the PP in a few months so ruined the state that we will even forget about the robbery of GERB!?

/ In the last decades, unfortunately, we got used to the fact that politics is a dirty thing that decent and honest people do not deal with. And indeed, the system is so constructed that often only the most unworthy manage to get to the very top.

This is not accidental, because in capitalist social relations, big capital, which through right-wing parties forms the state as it needs, selects through the media and its networks of influence literally the most corrupt people as politicians, so that it can use them for the purposes you are And then these people satisfy the interests of big capital – native or more often foreign, at the expense of us, ordinary taxpayers.

Such is the case, obviously, with the impudent hordes of “Continuing the Change”, who were sent to us from abroad and in a few months so ravaged the country that even ten years of GERB pogroms turned out to be more lenient.

I am the leader, and now the leader of the “Levitsa” list in 11-MIR Lovech, and I have the opportunity to closely observe the results of the actions of “We continue the change”. Kiril Petkov already as acting minister in 2021 promised that in Lovech there will be an investment of BGN 280 million within three years for the construction of a factory for electric cars.

And do you know what I saw when I visited the factory site?

Bare fields and the photovoltaics of a well-known big businessman of ours.

The photos were taken on the bare field in Lovech, where Kiril Petkov’s electric car factory was supposed to be built. Kiril Domuschiev’s photovoltaics are behind us.

Kiril Petkov in the summer of 2021 announced this still unrealized plant as a priority investment. There was even talk of merging with an American company and going public in New York to attract foreign capital, which a few days ago turned out to be a failure. No surprise! The American company has not even officially announced its reasons for refusing, but I do not judge them – with people like Mr. Kiril Petkov, no serious global business would work.

I remember how Petkov boasted in 2021 that he had signed a memorandum with German car manufacturers – Next.e.GO (Next-and-go). Then he said that the plant will be built on the site of the old “Balkan” plant in Lovech and will be operational within two years.

Well, not only did this plant not work, it wasn’t even built by the young, handsome, smart and rich former prime minister who had a chance to show us how he could rule. It was supposed to be a plant with a capacity of up to 20,000 cars per year, that even the investors planned to exceed the number.

As they say, they wanted to make it nice, but it turned out like always…

According to the agreement between the German company and the government at the time, Bulgaria would have given the investor 34 million euros of state money for the period 2024-2029. Shortly after that, an investigation by a major Bulgarian media outlet – the newspaper “Trud” – showed that this supposed German company was founded in 2015 and was actually in Albanian, please, millionaires who did business with second-hand washing machines for washing the uniforms of American and Western military forces in Kosovo.

Just a heartwarming story!

I have personally spoken with lawyers and it turns out that in order for Petkov to sign the memorandum with them, this could not happen without proven and secured financing.

Yes, but at the same time the fact that funding is being sought from New York shows that no funding was secured when the memorandum was signed. Or in other words, Kiril Petkov lied and made a mess, acting in fact illegally!

Kiril Petkov also lied about other egregious things – on July 15, 2021, he said at a cabinet meeting that BGN 180 million would be provided for the project by UniCredit Bulbank. Yes, but there is no letter from the bank that they agree to give such an amount for this project. No media has found it, no ministry has received it. No such thing! Kiril Petkov, at his own discretion, simply blurted out that there is financing from UniCredit Bulbank as well!

And on the basis of such false statements, he provides 66 million BGN of state funding for this project.

According to the memorandum, the investment was to be paid when it was completed. So the state should give money only when, on the day of payment, there is a working factory that already produces electric cars and employs 365 workers. The project was supposed to be paid in several installments, with the first payment being 2024, when it should have been ready already.

But the law is violated, because in the memorandum of Petkov and the supposedly German company, it is written that in 2025 the second tranche of state money worth over BGN 13 million should be paid if the number of jobs reaches 365. And by law, all these workers they must be appointed as early as 2024, while the three-year term for the construction of the project runs. It is proper for all payments to be made in 2024 and then for this allegedly German company to act, maintaining jobs and production.

And it turns out that Bulgaria will probably pay them because they sell their electric cars.

By the way, just an interesting fact – in the company “Next.e. Go Bulgaria”, established in 2021 with a capital of BGN 50 thousand, the shareholders are the companies of the brothers Kiril and Georgi Domuschievi. The main shareholder in the Bulgarian company is an investment fund acquired by a group linked to the richest Albanian. And then 49.99% of the company belongs to the company of the Domuschievi brothers.

So much for morality in politics and fighting the mafia. I won’t go into more details because I’m not a lawyer, but the whole story is extremely outrageous.

Kiril Petkov has lied and smeared when it comes to this project and even to the layman’s eye it is clear that this is to the detriment of the state.

The question now is – is such a person right to rule us!? Who lies the most brazenly and unforgivingly, who brought us brutal inflation, deprived our country of cheap natural gas, and whom a large part of society thinks and says is walking special ladies around with state money?!

Neither Bulgaria, nor Lovech, nobody needs all this!

It is ironic that this project should take place on the land of the former “Balkan” plant. Ironic because the actual factories, assets and jobs created in the era of the much-hated socialism are known and visible to all. And the deeds of today’s democrats and capitalists like Mr. Petkov and various imaginary investors are invisible like the invisible and non-existent factory located on a bare field where there is nothing yet.

Vote with ballot No. 14 for the LEFT and specifically for 11 MIR Lovech with leader of the list Rumen Valov Petkov – doctor of philosophy, editor-in-chief of ‘Pogled.Info’ and in 25 MIR-Sofia with preferential No. 105. Tell your friends in Lovech and Sofia who to support!?

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