Dr. Sisaket’s Provincial Health Office emphasized that hospital nurses are not eligible for transfers to Provincial Administrative Institutions, risking shortages, closing departments, affecting patients.

Sisaket Province Dr explained the transfer of personnel to the Provincial Administrative Organization, only those who work in the SRT Hospital, except for various hospitals after the parade that hospital nurses asked to transfer also noted the principle If the situation is violated not nearly enough personnel until the department is closed has seriously affected local services

On November 14, Dr Thanong Weerasangpong, Provincial Public Health Doctor (MD) of Sisaket, mentioned the case of several professional nurses. Center Hospital / General Hospital / Community Hospital in Sisaket submitted a complaint to the Prime Minister. The Provincial Administrative Organization would like to convey to the Provincial Administrative Organization that it must first understand that the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) agrees with the principle of devolution. Which must prepare the whole area to receive the Central mission to be supervised and the public must receive correct information to transfer The hospital is doing things right. People receive an ongoing service. both primary secondary and tertiary levels which in the past are associated with strength and unity This makes it possible to deal with various crises, which can be seen from dealing with the outbreak of COVID-19 until it is recognized by the World Health Organization and internationally.

said Dr Thanong This mission transfer is the basic mission transfer. Personnel who will join the transfer process must work in primary care, namely TEACH./STD Hospital personnel only. Which on October 2, 2022, Sisaket transferred 117 of Sisaket Hospitals to the Provincial Administrative Organization, including 789 personnel, 411 of whom are civil servants, while there are personnel in community hospitals, general hospitals and hospital centers, which are secondary services and tertiary ask for that transfer unable to do because it is not in accordance with the principle of transfer More importantly, if the jobs of these personnel are cut off it will lead to all The hospital has a serious shortage of personnel. You may even have to close the section. has a direct impact on the public

In this regard, the Sisaket Provincial Administrative Organization has notified the list of people who wish to transfer / help civil servants, a total of 166 people, of which 112 are professional nurses, only 7 work in Sisaket Hospital, and another 105 are nurses in different departments of the hospital, including the Maternity ICU room, surgery, emergency room, operating room, including community hospitals, 67 people, general hospitals/central hospitals, 24 people, the rest are nurses from Hospitals in Ubon Ratchathani, Phitsanulok, Nakhon Ratchasima, 8 people, 2 hospitals affiliated with Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, 1 Queen Sirikit National Institute of Children’s Health, and 3 neurological institutes.

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