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Dr. Sukit is surprised that government MPs are preparing to leave the meeting Agenda for considering 6 government bills

by news dir

29 June 2021


Advisor to the chairman of the council rejected to answer whether the council had completed the quorum after the National Assembly asked to leave the meeting, worried about the Covid-19 epidemic, but believed that the council did not collapse, reiterating why he had to leave the day when the government sent the draft law urgently enter the council

Dr. Sukit Atthopakorn, Advisor to the Speaker of the House of Representatives Statement at the Parliament on the case Mr. Anan Pholamnuay, Kamphaengphet MP Palang Pracharath Party As chairman of the committee (committee.) Council affairs called for the suspension of the council meeting from June 30 to July 1 because of concerns about the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic that Mr. Chuan Leekpai, the chairman of the council, confirmed the meeting on the day. such However, according to the agenda, it was found that there were 6 bills (Acts) proposed by the government and there were urgent matters. Therefore, if Mr. Anan is going to leave the meeting, it is strange. However, if MPs for the Pracharat Party Did not attend the meeting on June 30, had to consider whether the quorum would be complete or not. but believes that the council is not about to collapse

“Over a year and a half with the COVID-19 outbreak situation But parliament has always been in good control. Personally, I sympathize with workers who still have to perform various duties and are dedicated to providing measures to prevent COVID-19. Of the parliament is going well, confirming that it is not underestimated. The MPs have also been allocated vaccines while most of the people I haven’t been vaccinated yet. I believe that if MPs come to the meeting, the risk of infection will be low,” said Dr Sukit.

Dr Sukit also mentioned the case where MPs were worried that if they came to the meeting in Bangkok When returning to other provinces, they will be quarantined. Know that in the province there is a provision that excludes quarantine of vaccinated persons. Just bring a certificate of vaccination to confirm, etc. Mr. Chuan. Realized the powers and duties assigned by the people during covid-19 that the executive and judicial branches can still function So lawmakers have no reason to stop working.

When asked about the observation that if the Council meeting will violate the announcements and orders of the B.E.C. Dr. Sukit said that the council meeting not organizing an event But it is a duty set out in the constitution. and previously the Council Make an inquiry letter to Prof. And Prof. Agrees with the measures to prevent covid-19 ready to allow council meetings throughout this session. The Secretariat of the House of Representatives made an inquiry letter to the CCC again and received an answer that No more permission required because the meeting was allowed throughout the session Please follow the measures that have been approved so the Council meeting is not a violation of the law.

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