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Dr. Thawee explained the cause of Uncle Kum’s collapse quickly, treated 19 days, why the infection still exists?

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Assoc. Prof. (Special) Dr. Thaweeklear, the cause of “Uncle Kombu” collapsed quickly until death, treated 19 days, but why the coronavirus persisted, confirmed the corpse could not transmit the infection. If the protective bag is not opened

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List of Nodes Current on April 30, 64 “Young Kanchai Kerdploy” as moderator Produced in the name of Dee Reconciliation Co., Ltd., broadcast every Monday – Friday at 12.35 pm on Channel 3 press number 33 interview “Assoc. (Special), Dr. Taweechot Pittayasunon” Advisor to the Department of Medicine and Department of Disease Control. Come to educate yourself on why “Uncle Khom Chuan Chuen”, a famous comedy collapses quickly until death. And what happened Is the infection more severe or how?

Have you heard the news and are you shocked?
“Was shocked back to Songkran Remember that we talked to Uncle Khom First of all, I would like to express my condolences to the family and relatives of Uncle Khom. And thank you Aunt Khom for making us happy all along. I remember that day, April 13, Aunt Khom still reminded the last episode that please be careful. Don’t travel a lot Thanks to Uncle Khom for always reminding us. It is something that has a chance to happen. Because this disease is a new disease epidemic “

A tape interview with Uncle Khom in the Node Stream program

That day, I had the opportunity to interview Aunt Khom. In front of the teacher At that time, the symptoms were nothing, no cough, no fever. The teacher said that if 7 days did not subside, it would be fine. But how does this one look?
“Most of the time, the symptoms of the disease are severe or very severe. It will appear within 7 days, this is the chance that after 7 days of infection is likely to be severe, but less than that day that was interviewed. Aunt Koon has been around for 3 days, after another 3-4 days he collapses. “

Actually chasing Uncle Khom’s timeline. On 11th, Uncle Khun went to check for infection on April 12, I confirmed that I had been infected in the hospital on April 13, talking to us while I was at the hospital. If going back He saw Khun Football on the 6-7, had been infected for 5 days, went to be tested on the 11th, the 12th confirmed. Show that received 5 days, the 13th we talked, you still have no symptoms at all. Have to count from what day?

“Must be counted from the date of the infection is on the 11th and collapsed into the ICU on the 17th, approximately 6 days apart, this is medical information Time to see that the patient will be heavy and will fall down here I still said that day if after 7 days I am fine, there will be many chances of being fine. But notice, on the 17th, entered the ICU 18, you have a tired condition. Then this disease is a medical disease. ICU doctors have to put them on their stomach. Intubation Much suffering “

When Aunt Khom moved from Synphaet Hospital to Vibharam Hunchback became tired, breathing was difficult. At first, the hospital gave oxygen to the nose. But not last So I put a tube to the lungs to support the lungs. What happened? Why does it have to be put in the lungs? Dr. Thawee said, “If oxygen is given through the nose He will have a measure of the oxygen in his blood all the time. And look at the symptoms as well If the oxygen in the blood is not good There is a bad feeling of tiredness, it needs to be inserted into the tube. Intubation sees a doctor’s decision to take care of patients in the lungs. ”

Is this considered severe yet? “It’s already severe. It’s a warning signal. “


Because respiratory system failure?
“That’s right, respiratory failure has several tests. Regardless of the low oxygen in the blood, the respiratory system, how many breaths, how often, how much force the patient has to exert. We treat it as heart failure. Need to use a respirator “

After that, aunt Lung Fap Is it the same condition?
“Fatty lungs have to look at what causes it is. But most of the phlegm filling Will be temporarily flattened We need to suck up the mucus, the lungs can expand, but the lungs are foggy. It is because of the germs getting into the lungs Causing severe inflammation It then pulled the lymph cells to gather there. Therefore there was a blemish mark The fog will make the changes in oxygen in the lungs not possible, in other words, that the pulmonary tissue is not working. This is required lying on the stomach to remove the less active lung tissue. To lift on top Below the wind will be able to better exchange oxygen. “

Torture? Dr. Thawee said, “It’s very torture, but I never wear it. But from the picture, the patient complained of suffering a lot. Many people who are ICU doctors often have to knock out patients. Give him some sleep and knock. So as not to hurt and struggle Pain or annoyance is mixed in there for anyone who has to enter the ICU. Learn to know that is a big deal. Aunt Koon is a clear example that people with severe symptoms and severe disease will reach this point more. But a healthy person Being young has a chance to be This is up to each person. That individual immunity cannot answer “

In the past, we believed that COVID would only tackle older people with underlying diseases. But today I can see that at the age of 24 is just an allergy. Also died The infection is stronger or what?
“After having the old infection As we go through a wave Two waves have arrived. The new infection is the British strain. We all know that the answer is that the outbreak is more widespread and faster. Second, is the first infection really serious or not? Finally, it was found that it would be more severe, found more pneumonia, pneumonia. Another thing is that we can see that the third outbreak Come from young He took the infection into the family. This time we will see more children with COVID. Older people become more. Because children and old people are in the house Young people carry the infection into their families. Please be reminded a little that it is very dangerous. Both young and old groups are at high risk. “

At first, Auntie had respiratory failure, and the pulmonary fibrosis had to put a tube into the mouth to support the lungs. Everyone prayed for better, but not like that again, the next day, aunt hunched over kidney failure, why can this condition happen?
“When the body is inflamed When there is an instantaneous infection The body reacts with physical processes. Inflammation of the body And affects every organ of the body The kidneys are part. When the kidneys are inflamed Less blood delivered to the kidneys Has a chance of renal failure This one is a side effect that follows.

From the fact that the lungs are not working Will happen like this I don’t see any information. But when I can predict that it is acute renal failure due to a very serious infection. The body produces various substances. Associated with inflammation coming out And it will go everywhere This is one of the weaknesses that will make it more likely to cause kidney failure. Kidney failure is supported by dialysis, hemodialysis. “

During the interview Uncle Khun’s corpse was moving to the temple. Then there is a cremation today. After 3pm, the method is to bring the body into the crematorium. And brought the humpback into the crematorium After that, there should be a collection of relics today. And there will be merit making again One thing which was shocked Usually around 14 days of COVID-treated people have taken the drug. If there is no severe symptom, it will get better and better, but of course the COVID should disappear in 14 days, but Hunchback 19 days just went to the hospital on the 12th day until 19 days today, why is there still COVID?

“Normally 14 days, the body can fight all. I think the problem is one if the body is weak. Will not fight as well as a young person It will develop into a serious disease. Two periods of severe pneumonia Low oxygen in the lungs Medical use of one drug As a steroid drug To reduce the rate of inflammation If left to be very inflamed The lungs will become foggy until death. This steroid Besides reducing inflammation Another disadvantage is that it will make the infection last longer. Whether it is the coronavirus or bacteria The effect of the humpback in the latter is severe. Until kidney failure What is acidic blood? Lungs are melasma caused by bacteria causing severe inflammation. “

The yellow value in the liver is very high after the hospital is transferred. The doctor is on dialysis 24 hours a day. After that, he saw that the bacteria were found. COVID is in the lungs. Bacteria live in the lungs. Does it have an effect in this way?
“Subject of matter Bacteria Is an infection in the environment Be in anywhere In the neck, there is In your gut there is This infection will come out to attack. In a time when the body is very weak it will come and cause problems like repetitive karma. The body is very weak when it comes to many of you who have been in the ICU for a long time. We can see that there is a problem with the use of antibacterial drugs. One after another, if not lucky, meet a very stubborn one There is almost no cure. Because the bacteria develop more and more resistance. “

The doctor told the family that he did everything he could, gave all the drugs and tools to help recover the humpback until 6 p.m. I was told to the family that the humpback was unable to feel so severe that he might not be able to hold back. When is this story? Executable When kidney failure or not?
“The doctors in ICU are the same doctors, the same people, he knows it all. Where have you walked now? When I reached the point, I had to try to keep in touch with my relatives all the time now. Hope. Now it is getting bad. You have to understand. The information that the young man gave me. One kidney failure, the liver cost a lot. “

What is the yellow value?
“It is the liver that manages the bile things. Therefore enough to be unable to manage liver failure Not just kidney failure alone, liver failure is also yellow value, that is, the liver is ineffective. This is most likely kidney failure, liver failure, lung failure, he even intubates a ventilator. Therefore the doctor who takes care of I believe he takes care of all the critical patients in the ICU like this. So you can learn that you are fully satisfied. I believe that the previous episode was very serious. The doctor may be able to provide information. Shows that the heart may be nourished with medication Until one day the heart does not respond to the drugs that make the heart beat worse, the lungs shrink, the liver goes down, everything is attacked. “

Isn’t COVID just attacking the lungs? Liver, kidney, too?
“Little, most of the liver and kidneys that go As a result of inflammation The initial inflammation is the respiratory tract. “

Can it hide in the brain?
“This disease has only happened over a year. But asked to go to the liver In people who are unable to fight the infection, it will all go away, but the most important part is probably the inflammation. When infecting the human body No matter how weak There will be inflammation. Inflammation in some people is harmful to the body. This is one example. Causing symptoms of liver failure, kidney failure, and respiratory failure as well This one is a big deal. “

Aunt Koon moved the body to the cremation, does it really need to be burned today?
“Really have to understand that The corpses who died from this disease We have already written guidelines on how to handle the corpses. Of course, people who were doctors and nurses who took care of them before they died. That is the most vulnerable. These corpses were pre-loaded into the coffins. Nebulization is required. There are 3 layers of zip lock bags, each layer is sprayed with disinfectant on every layer. Therefore, this one is confident that the corpses will not be able to infect them and these corpses are medical advice. One time kin Please do not open the corpse to look at the face. Because there is a real chance of contagious infection, he already has all the seals, I think the transmission from the corpses in the coffin. The chances are almost zero percent “

Because the corpse cannot breathe Can’t spray out But can secretions get stuck in the body?
“Yes, learn that this disease comes from the respiratory tract. Therefore, the corpse cannot blow his nose. Inability to cough The chance of transmitting infection is zero. “

Is it necessary to burn in one day? Because according to every measure known The corpse must be cremated?
“Actually, praying and burning is not medical advice. But it’s a social matter We will see that most of these corpses are actually cremated. You can pray because the corpses do not spread anywhere, but the relatives of the monks do not trust them. Learn to know that you can trust Because the infection is present in the body, the corpse is covered for 3-4 hours, it is impossible to spread. Unless you go to open We have to recommend not to open at all. “

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