“Dr. Thira” reveals symptoms after being infected with “COVID-19”, finds abnormal forebrain stem

On November 22, 2022, Professor Dr. Thira Worathanarat or “Doctor Thera” Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Medicine posted on Facebook “Thira Woratanarat” about the matter “COVID-19” indicates that

yesterday Global COVID-19 165,881 people were added, 669 more deaths, a total of 643,292,587 people, a total of 6,626,956 deaths.

The 5 most infected are:

  1. Japan
  2. France
  3. South Korea
  4. Taiwan
  5. Hong Kong

As of yesterday, in the number of new infections, countries from Europe and Asia occupied eight of the top 10 and 13 of the top 20 globally.

The number of new infections per day worldwide is currently from Asia and Europe together, which represents 86.22 percent of the world, while the number of deaths accounts for 74.43 percent

COVID-19 update with brain changes

SS Mishra and colleagues from the Indian Institute of Technology, India are going to present their findings at the Radiological Society of North America conference next week in Chicago, USA.

The study was conducted among 46 recovered COVID-19 patients and 30 uninfected people by comparing the characteristics of the scan results.brainwith MRI within 6 months of recovery

The study found that the MRI characteristics of the previously infected group have abnormalities in the frontal lobe and brain stem, which are different from people who have never been infected.

The research team estimated that abnormalities occurring in the brain may be associated with symptoms of Long COVID that can be found, whether it’s thinking problems, memory, headaches, insomnia, anxiety / depression, etc.

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However, we will have to wait to see the full research results. to see more details And more studies are needed to prove the relationship between infection, timing, and structural changes in the brain. and abnormal symptoms arise in the condition Long COVID also

The important thing to learn is A growing amount of research has pointed to the fact that the effect of an infection does not end a cold like a common cold. But it affects every system in the body. and the risk of long-term abnormalities including chronic disease protection from infection or not being reinfected is the best

Case of Thai

  • Not to be confused with the numbers reported weekly.
  • reported numbers are the number of sick people admitted to hospital But the actual number of infections is much higher. As we can see from the increasing number of infected people around us.

meanwhile Number of deaths reported Does not include people who are infected but also have other diseases. As stated previously, in foreign countries (such as Singapore and the United Kingdom) it is clear that many more people die from congestion.covid and has other co-morbidities And there is a high probability that the infection will make other existing diseases more serious and fatal.

In the end, the actual number of deaths Many appear in excess deaths, but they are not presented in detail alongside the situation of the cases.COVID-19 it can cause public recognition or awareness to deviate and cause cautious behavior Less protective than it should be

official report from the Ministry of Public Health Last week (November 13-19, 2022), the number of patients admitted to hospital was 3,957, with 69 deaths, including the number of patients admitted to hospital. And the number of reported deaths was significantly higher than last week.

It is estimated that the daily number of infected people is around 18,843, 24.97 percent higher than the previous week.

May you live your life carefree. During work, study, travel and everyday life outside the home. It is essential to have the booster vaccination on time. Wearing a mask consistently and correctly can greatly reduce the risk.


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