DR towns of the Congo vote in conflict-delayed polls, Ebola - The Citizen

Parliamentary and municipal polls were also held in the western Yumbi region about 300 kilometers (185 miles) north of the Kinshasa capital, three months after slaughter claims to at least 535 civilian lives.

Confirm opposition in all major African central countries, with about one million electors.

The voting was proceeding smoothly in Mavivi and Ngadi de Beni areas who saw frequent unrest related to armed militias, according to AFP correspondent on the ground.

The lower house of Parliament DR Congo has 15 seats, with 500 law makers.

However, they are not entitled to vote in the presidential election, three months after the opposition leader who received the election Felix Tshisekedi, won the election, the first peaceful transfer of power from the country from independence in Belgium in 1960.

The vote will have no impact on the balance of power in parliament, where the majority of seats were won by the former president Joseph Kabila's party.

Tshisekedi's party is working to build a coalition government with Kabila.

The establishment of the new government for signals that Kabila will continue to be a major figure in nation politics is being closely watched, if its supporters have filled a full cabinet post.

In Beni, voter Patrick Kasunga said “we are not all satisfied” in three polling Sundays since they were “trying to vote for a president but the (commission election) stole this option from us.” T

A Sunday poll follows the rise in Ebola cases in recent days after several weeks. So far, the epidemic, which fell out in August, killed more than 650 people.


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