Dr. Yong confirms plasma treatment for COVID is good, invites the recovered patients to donate

Prof. Yongphu Worawan, Head of the Center for Specialization in Virology Clinic, Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University posted on Facebook Yong Poovorawan stating that … COVID-19 Plasma treatment from a recovered person

We are currently using and monitoring plasma removal from COVID-19 victims. To treat 14 COVID-19 patients found that if early treatment of pneumonia And began to have low blood oxygen, very effective
Currently, the National Blood Center Has collected plasma for those who have recovered from disease And have high enough immunity For treating seriously ill patients from falling into respiratory failure That require intubation

The recovered Have faith to donate plasma Please contact the National Blood Center. You can contact them online. The center will make an appointment and recommend the general examination. And various details according to the blood donation qualifications

Thank you for information from Facebook Yong Poovorawan and pictures from Songkhla Nakarin Hospital -Songklanagarind Hospital

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