“Dragon Fantasy” Holds Operation Breakthrough 1,000 Days Commemorative Event Trailer Will Launch Limited Time Link “CODE:D-Blood” – Bahamut

The MMORPG “Dragon Fantasy”, represented by Archaeopteryx Interactive Entertainment, announced that today (13th) is the anniversary of the 1,000-day operation of “Dragon Fantasy”, so related activities will be held to celebrate with players.

[The following content is the original text of the information provided by the manufacturer]

Log in to the game for 1000 days to receive rewards

From June 12th (Sunday) to June 14th (Tuesday), players can log in to the game every day to receive the login reward the next day! Log in on June 12 to receive Time Car Fragments × 10; log in on June 13 to receive Time Mark II × 6; log in on June 14 to receive Time Fragments × 99.

  • 1000 day check-in event

1000 Days of Community Celebration

At the same time, the official will hold a 1000-day operation celebration in the fan group! Players are invited to celebrate Dragon Fantasy’s 1000th day of operation!

The fan group will hold a commemorative video sharing event, and players who participate in the event can get a time stamp II × 1; in addition, there will be a limited-time blessing message event on the day of 1000, and players who participate in the message can get diamonds * 1000, and Opportunity to be selected for selected blessings and displayed in the game~ For more good luck, please pay attention to the official fan group!

New limited-time linkage notice

The official also announced that “Dragon Fantasy” will usher in a new linkage activity! Who will you go back to your childhood with this time? Let’s stay tuned!

Finally, the official said that it is very grateful to the players for their continuous support of “Dragon Fantasy”! Spend 1000 days together and start a new chapter with players!

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