“Dragon Quest Day’s Great Adventure Burning Soul Bond” held a character acquisition event “Marine Rider who pledged allegiance”

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The event where you can become a partner with the “Magic Spear of Rakht Armor (Armored)” starts!

The character acquisition event “Oath of Allegiance” (hereinafter referred to as this event), which starts on January 25th, is currently being held. By completing this event level, you will be able to join forces with Balaam’s dragoons’ land cavalry “Raht (” The Magic Spear of Armor (Armored))” becomes a partner.

Players will be able to obtain the level completion reward “Sand Dust Gun (★3)” in this event. After equipping it, the drop amount of “Event Coins” in the event level can be increased. Exchange for various rewards for cultivating “Rakht (Magic Spear of Armor (Armored))” such as “Rakht’s Jewel”.

There are also special event levels for multiplayer games in this event, and you can get more rewards than other event levels when you pass them. Work together with other players to challenge levels and defeat powerful enemies! For details, please refer to the in-game notification and the description in the “Exchange” of this event.

  • “Racht (Magic Spear of Armor (Armored))” that can be partnered with in the character acquisition event “Marine Rider of Pledge of Allegiance”

  • Event Equipment “Sand Dust Gun (★3)”

clearinghouse remuneration

  • Racht’s Jewel

  • Event treasure hunt key

  • Five-color crystals (large, medium and small)

  • Dust Gun (★3)

  • drop of stamina

  • Five-color dew (small)

  • Book of Weakness Thrusting

  • Green dew (small to medium)

  • Purple Dew (Little Minimal)

  • Gold Coins x 5

  • “Marine Riders of Allegiance” Event Period: January 25, 2022 to February 7, 2022 13:59

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  • image
  • Taken from the character acquisition event “Marine Rider of Pledge of Allegiance”

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  • exchange

“Treasure Hunt for Land Rider and Armor’s Magic Spear” is underway!

Currently, we are carrying out the “Land Fighting Horse and the Magic Gun of Armor Treasure Hunt” in conjunction with this event. In this treasure hunt, in addition to the “Magic Gun of Armor (★4)” with the “Vacuum Shock Slash” of Lakhte’s Profound Truth The equipment of “Bloody Crushing Blow” of Eraoyi “Magic Sword of Armor (★4)”, as well as “Ranger Armor Top (★4)”, “Ranger Armor Bottom (★4)” and “Ranger Shield (★4)” 4)” and other equipment will appear. In addition, the “Limited 1-time guaranteed ★4 paid 10-series treasure hunt” is also being implemented simultaneously. Use 3,000 paid rubies to get 1 ★4 equipment. In the event “Oath of Allegiance, Marine Riders”, You can get up to 10 “Event Treasure Keys” that you can use to draw this treasure hunt.

  • The period of the “Treasure Hunting with the Rider and the Magic Spear of Armor”: January 25, 2022 to February 7, 2022 13:59

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  • image
  • The activation scene of “Vacuum Shock Slash”

A new chapter has been added to the story “Trail of the Dragon”!

The story “Dragon’s Path” has been added on January 18, 2022, “Chapter 8 The Fetters Severed”, just complete “Chapter 19 Kiga” in “Chapter 7 Farewell, and Fateful Reunion” in Dragon’s Path “Chapter 7 Parting” Dean’s Destruction” can be played. New bosses will appear one after another in this chapter, follow in the footsteps of the brave Dae and experience the new battle!

  • “Dragon Trails Chapter 8: The Severed Bonds” Added Date: January 18, 2022

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  • image
  • image
  • Taken from “The Dragon’s Trail Chapter 8: The Severed Bonds”


To commemorate the broadcast of the dubbed animation in Taiwan, “3000 Sapphire” and “10 Physical Strength Drops” will be given away!

The dubbed version of the animation “Dragon Quest Day’s Great Adventure” will be broadcast on January 10, please watch it with your family and friends! To commemorate the broadcast of the dubbed version of the animation, the operation team of “Dragon Quest Day’s Great Adventure Burning Soul” will present “3000 Sapphires” and “10 Physical Strength Drops” to all players! Log in to the game now to claim it! After logging into the game from the title screen, you can collect it from the gift box.

  • Distribution period: January 19, 2022 to February 18, 2022 22:59

Get 2000 Sapphires for “New Year’s Day Gift”!

“New Year’s Day Commemorative Gift” 2000 sapphires are currently being distributed, and players who log in to the game during the distribution period can receive them.

  • Gift content: Sapphire × 2000

  • “New Year’s Day Memorial Gift” distribution period: until 22:59 on January 31, 2022

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