Drama Bella Nocare posting pictures of close friends We’ve known each other since our school days.

It’s a good friendship. The latest (March 25) Bella Ranee has come out to post pictures from yesterday with two close friends. who have known each other since year 1, with this post, Bella wrote a message in her mind that

So let’s go back to yesterday. Bella has arrived Come with your best friend. Let’s ask and answer questions with answers only friends know. Even Mother Nee doesn’t know how cool it is. but confirmed with friendship for 15 years!!! PS Let’s take pictures like this again in 15 years, shall we? @zerosmeo @miumiulees

After that, there were fans who said that

– A good friend has one even if it is smaller. It’s better than a hundred friends who think about jealousy…the friendship that lasts is very cute.

– This is the person who chooses to be with friends too. Or someone who is in a relationship and not creative…very cool, kid.

-Friends don’t have to be many, but they are of quality.


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