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Drama, funeral fees, famous temples Bring your own coffin, pay a fee of 2,000, the abbot confirms not to eat with the corpse.

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From the case of sharing a photo of the bill for the funeral expenses Of one of the famous temples in Nonthaburi province, along with stating that the cost is quite high There is a cost of placing a coffin of 2,000 baht, putting flowers in yourself, 1,000 baht, an officer fee of 440 baht, and many other fees. Causing criticism of the suitability And questioning that If I am a poor person, can I cremate my body at this temple?

Phrapanya Nanthamuni (Sanga Na Ranong) Abbot of Chonprathan Rangsarit Temple Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi Province has clarified that The measure to collect the actual cost But charged because it is a rule of the temple that has been meeting with the temple committee that it will benefit the relatives who have lost their loved ones and have to pay another expensive funeral fee. As if to aggravate him

Phra Panya Nunthamuni further stated that earlier, when the kin brought his body to pray Will have to pay money to find the coffin The cost of transportation to the flower temple, the cost of food is very high. Therefore, auctions are held for both coffin and flower owners. The measure determines the cost criteria to be cheaper than outside shops such as coffins must not exceed 8,000 baht.

In addition, flowers placed in front of the coffin and the front of the crematorium. Some kin and kin were tricked into buying a very high price. The measure therefore issued a rule to buy with the temple at a cheap price. Artificial flowers not more than 5,000 baht, but if it is fresh flowers, not more than 8,000 baht

The cost of placing a coffin of 2,000 baht is charged only when the kin brought the coffin from the shop outside. Because if the coffin breaks up, the shop will not take care of it Therefore had to bring that portion of money to the temple staff to take care of the correction And to get rid of the smell instead, the main expense to collect is the 3-night charity service fee not exceeding 4,000 baht, 5 nights not exceeding 5,000 baht. It is set to show the details of expenses only, but if one is not taken, it can be eliminated.

Confirm that the temple is not living with the corpses Sometimes, some people do not have money to make a funeral come in contact with the temple. The temple arranged for free everything because the temple was the dependence of the people. In the case of being shared The story comes from a deceased relative who wants to bring a 3-story coffin to pray at the temple. The official explained that the three-story coffin could not be burned in the crematorium, thus causing him to resent.

Miss Wiranya Kaewsinon, owner of the coffin business Which is the person who brought the story to post stated that the story that happened, he did not intend to attack the temple. But because a friend came in contact that the relative died And will buy a coffin from the store Therefore, he had to ask at the temple first Because I had known that the temple would charge a fee for bringing the coffin outside When a friend asks, he receives a document to clarify the expenses. Therefore sent to see He saw and was shocked, therefore leading to post Because that the cost is too high


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