Drama, questions, competition stage, real men Have you ever had sex with a gay man or a bisexual woman? Netizens ask questions?

Drama questions about a real men’s competition stage “You’ve had gay sex. Or a boy or not?” Netizens asked what

(December 13, 2022) has become a drama trend in the online world. with a clip of questions from the stage of the Mister Universe Thailand 2022 competition that says “You’ve had gay sex. or ladyboys or not If so, for what reason, and if not? Because how to avoid that situation?”

Netizens were fiercely criticized It was considered that this question should not be asked and it is inappropriate to ask it on stage. By comments that have many likes, such as

“The question is inappropriate. regardless of gender and having the freedom of humanity in choosing gender To have something with whom, not with anyone, that is a very personal matter. It should not be said in public.”

“The stage of competition can be honoured. must know respect respect the right to privacy while seeking happiness in life in any possible way as long as it is not against the law and peace Without the need to announce to the public.

“It’s me, I’m not asking. It’s a lot of manners.”