Dream come true! 3 houses on fire, buy the license plate of your dream car Winning the first prize will build a house for you.

Man dreaming of seeing his uncle’s car on fire The next morning, the fire broke out at 3 relatives’ houses in a row, but the car backed away in time. buy car registration lottery If you win the 1st prize, all 3 houses will be built.

Yesterday (June 9), reporters reported that From the case of a fire at the houses of the villagers at Ban Pa Wai, Village No. 4, Tad Thong Subdistrict, Si That District, Udon Thani Province, causing three houses to go down at the same time, the incident occurred at 11:00 a.m. on the 8th of June. Last year, the owners of 3 houses found their own home on fire before their eyes to the point of collapse. because he didn’t think that the fire would burn up to 3 houses at the same time

The houses that were burned down were the homes of relatives. The first house is the house number 30, Moo 4, the house of Mrs. Buarom Kongsaen, the house number 2, house number 29, Village No. 4, the house of Nang Samak Uthakan, and the house number 3, house number 42, Village No. 4, the house of Mrs. Anon Nara. Kul by Ton Ploeng was born from the house of Mrs Samak. which is a house in the middle The cause is probably a short circuit.

Later at 09.30, Mr. Wichian Khaokham, Mr. Teerachai Saenkaew, Ms. Sirikanya Kitraksa, Sri That District Chief And many philanthropic elders traveled to donate items and donate money to the 3 families, amounting to 60,000 baht, given to houses that were burned at 20,000 baht each as an initial aid.

Phra Ajarn Kaew Thanataro, Abbot of Wat Pho Somphon, Ban Na Kho, Sri That District, Udon Thani Province, said that after hearing the news of Yom’s house fire, villagers brought items to donate. because the monks have pity on the villagers

They brought fans, pillows, mats and some cash. Come to give 1 set per house according to the strength we have. In difficult times, we need to help each other. The fire caused a lot of trouble for people. It’s no different from a thief coming up to rob a house. We are born as human beings and have to be generous with each other.

While Mr. Rat Boonpha, 53 years old, sister-in-law of Mrs Samak Uthakang, the fire-burning house, revealed that on the day of the incident, she and her husband, Samak, took to the rice fields. I myself go to form a rice field to prepare for dropping rice. As for her husband Samak, she gathered grass for the cows. Late in the morning, she saw smoke in the village. I’m starting to worry that the house is probably on fire. But I didn’t think that the house would catch fire at my sister’s wife’s house. Soon, they ran to the house to wake up saying that it was on fire.

He put down the hoe and hurriedly ran with him. When he arrived, he saw a fire burning nearby his relatives’ houses. 3 houses together, very saddened by the fire of the house. As for his own house behind the house that was burnt down, it didn’t spread because the fire engine was able to stop the fire first.

Mr. Rat said that he did not think the dream would come true. But it’s true in bad things. One day before yesterday’s fire, I dreamed that Toyota Vigo pickup truck, license plate 1031 Udon Thani, which is my uncle’s car caught fire. The next morning, there was a real house fire. Fortunately, the homeowner withdrew the car parked under the house in time.

He felt sorry for his relatives as well. In bad luck, hoped for good luck. So he decided to buy a lottery, the license plate is 1031, got 2 tickets, the last number is 31 13. If he wins the first prize, he is ready to build a new house for all 3 relatives immediately.