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“Dream Feifei” teaser will start testing in June and first reveal the pet system and BGM video

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Digmeng.com announced today (28) that “Dream Flying” will start testing in June, and the features of the pet mechanism will be unveiled first. Players will encounter a variety of fantasy species and adventure with them. At the same time, the official release of the BGM film allows players to recall the familiar melody of the year.

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  • “Dream Feifei” announced that it will start testing in June, and simultaneously open the pet system analysis and original BGM audio-visual information

Cute friends gather together!Hundreds of cute pets take turns in battle

For the fairy tale adventure, Mengmeng partners must come to help! As the journey unfolds, players will encounter various fantasy species bred on Madelija. These super cute little friends not only have cute and charming appearances, but with the blessing of mysterious ancient technology and their own characteristics, the help they can give to players is of course different! The official pointed out that in addition to pets showing thoughtful actions for picking up items, some pets as long as they meet the requirements and are equipped with power items cast by ancient technology, a magical power effect will be generated around the pet, and it will become a functional type with a gain function. pet! At the same time, players can also inlay power items with different attributes for pets according to their professional characteristics and play habits, and cultivate the most suitable adventure partners for them.

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    Friends gather to pull! Super cute partners fight side by side with you, adventure is not alone!

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    After the pets are equipped with the power stone, a mysterious power halo will appear around them

The Lost and Rare Species-The Legendary “Summoned Beast” Appears

It is rumored that the summoned beast was once a messenger who accompanied the elemental gods, and was given the responsibility of guarding the earth together with the clown Lixis. It not only possesses strong fighting ability, but also has a very empathetic personality! However, with the outbreak of the war, many lives on the island fell one by one, and the powerful summoned beasts also disappeared bizarrely. Until now, there is no relevant news… On the other hand, recently, some aviators have said that they have found unknown eggs in the suburbs. , These eggs are not only alive and kicking, they are also very naughty when they are angry! Not only are they good at using the power of the elements, but their abilities are the same as those of the summoned beasts responsible for guarding the continent.

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    Slowly cultivate from 0, the baby egg can gradually grow into the legendary summoned beast!

As long as the player’s character level grows to level 20, he can obtain baby eggs that can breed summoned beasts by hunting in the wild! They are naturally considerate and can not only accompany you to stroll leisurely and appreciate the beauty of Madelija. With the careful care and cultivation of their masters, these small beings can also hatch different kinds of summoned beasts and grow into their own hands. Your reliable assistant! Not only that, after undergoing professional training, they can further improve various abilities for the holder, and the higher the class and level, the higher the gain. Those who want to stop the revenge of Shredder’s revenge plan, may as well prepare supplies and weapons quickly, and go hunting for monsters to obtain treasure eggs!

The throbbing melody sounded again! BGM audition preemptively released

The popular melody that year will touch your heart again! Remember when you open the login screen, the gusts of wind chimes resounding like a breeze, coupled with the fantasy country outlined by the crisp plucking sound? In addition to epic and magnificent story lines and meticulously portrayed fairy tale scenes, original BGM is also a major feature of “Dream Flying”! A large number of bagpipes and harps are used in the game, and the relaxed and pleasant tunes make the game more playful. In addition, with the switch between the map and the battle mode, the rhythm and melody will also change. Whether you want to immerse yourself in a fairy-tale story or feel the blood surging in the battle, you can find the song that lingers in your heart. , The moving movement that you won’t get tired of listening to!

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    The throbbing melody sounded again!The original BGM is released first

Magic magic turns in circles, circle your destined profession

After constant tuning and testing, the game has now entered the final preparatory stage, and the official revealed that “Dream Flying” will be tested in June. In order to help those who are about to become trainees prepare for the journey as soon as possible, the “Mengmeng Mengmeng Mental Test” activity has officially started a few days ago! Through the fun puzzle-solving process, not only can you find your own destined occupation, you can also get the essential travel medicine “stamina potion” when you turn on the computer after completing the test, and you will also have the opportunity to draw the practical transfer item “advanced mobile map”. , Let the pilot not only win at the starting point, but also release others for several blocks! Hurry up and call your friends to complete the test together!

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    Test out your destined occupation, the Magic Dream Quiz Hall is opened! Complete the quiz and enjoy the gift again!


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