“DreamHack Japan 2023” official first advance ticket sales start! Location area information release | Press release from DreamHack Japan executive committee

“DreamHack Japan 2023” will land for the first time in East Asia on May 13th (Sat) and 14th (Sun) at Makuhari Messe. Born in Sweden in 1994, the five categories of experience that symbolize this global event and their history, Japan’s unique entertainment culture with the best in the world. By joining, we will further evolve as “DreamHack Japan”.

As well as providing an image of the venue and experience, ticket sales for all ticket types will start at midday today, January 21st. The announcement of the game titles that will be featured and the music artists that will appear on the live stage will be announced soon, so look forward to it.

Official website: https://www.dreamhackjapan.com/

  • Locations and ticket types

* All pictures are images. This is a view from the location held in Sweden in November 2022.
* In the future, ticket plans with benefits such as accommodation plans may be added.

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Ticket site: https://w.pia.jp/t/dreamhack/
Sale period: January 21, 2023 (Sat) 12:00 to January 30 (Mon) 23:59

① Activity Field Tickets <Sports><EXPO><Activity>

This is the main area where the main DreamHack experiences are full of entertainment from different genres.

Esports: Watch global esports tournaments in the hottest games
EXPO: Experience the latest products and game entertainment from various manufacturers and sponsors
Activity: Interact with popular creators, watch live streaming, content that both kids and adults can enjoy

Among them, on a special platform “Mobile Masters (Brawl Stars category)”, which was built in December last year, players from all over the world will aim to become the first ever global champion of the “Snapdragon® Pro Series” ” and win and a total prize of $200,000 players collect. (Details: https://prtimes.jp/main/html/rd/p/000000004.000109760.html)

In addition, there are two stages, “Stage L” and “Stage R”, in the area, and luxury game titles and guests from Japan and abroad are scheduled to appear one after another.

② Live Tickets &Activity Area <Music>&<Sports><EXPO><Activity>

In addition to the experience in the “Activity Area” mentioned above, you can enjoy live music performances by wonderful artists in the “Live Area”.

Music: Appreciate the overwhelming quality of live stage performances by hot artists who attract attention from the world of Esports and neighboring generations.

③ Digital Camp Tickets <BYOC LAN>

In addition to the Activity Field experience mentioned above, you can reserve your own seat to immerse yourself in the game and join the LAN party.

BYOC LAN: Area with the largest number of seats in Japan. Bring your own machine, immerse yourself in the game and enjoy DreamHack.

You can enjoy BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer: bring your own computer and gadgets to the venue and play), which can be said to be the basis of DeamHack. In addition to equipment rental at the venue, we also plan to hold a tournament with prizes.

④ Cosplay Tickets <Activity>

For those who want to enjoy cosplay, changing rooms and cloakrooms are available.

* Separate “Activity Point Tickets” are required.

Check the official website for details on all tickets and how to purchase.
Official website: https://dreamhack.com/

  • Outline of “DreamHack Japan 2023”

Date: May 13 (Sat)-14 (Sun), 2023
Location: Makuhari Messe (2-1 Nakase, Mihama Ward, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture)
・ Activity Area: International Exhibition Hall 9-11
・ Living Area: Event Hall
Organizer: DreamHack Japan Executive Committee

“DreamHack Japan” teaser site http://dreamhackjapan.com/
Official Twitterhttps://twitter.com/DreamHackJapan

Official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dreamhackjapan/
Official TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@dreamhackjapan
Concept film https://youtu.be/DUx4vQq2nhY
“DreamHack” official website https://dreamhack.com/

In 1994, “DreamHack” was held in Sweden for the first time. Since then, we have promoted the growth and development of esports, constantly motivating fans in the entertainment market, and expanding worldwide while continuing to create new cultures.

“DreamHack” will finally land in Japan in 2023.
“DreamHack” is a complex immersive experience event involving many communities. Events like cosplay, talk shows, and live broadcasts spread from Esports, games, and anime culture. The latest IP and gear will be presented, and various content such as several testable demo booths will be organically linked.

* “DreamHack” is an entertainment gaming festival brand of the FACEIT ESL Group, a leader in the gaming and e-sports industry.

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