Drill Jai “Khun Phaen Photharam” young wife – big wife Affectionate and Reconciliation

23 Feb. 2021 20:34

Young Photharam, the owner of a waterfall noodle shop for 10 baht, reveals the secret to occupying the house. “Two wives” love and reconciliation Help each other make a living Revealing everything, never hiding a young wife Then asked permission for the big wife first If he refuses, he does not give up.

From the case of dissemination of the love life of Mr.Watcharatorn Soi Nam or Tam, 44 years old, from Potaram District, Ratchaburi Province, who has two wives, namely Ms. Woraphat Soi Nam or Nong Pla, aged 38 Years, the eldest wife and Miss Kasorn Thapchom or Nong Wan, 25 years old, the youngest wife, with mixed criticism. Both positive and negative

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On February 23 at Khun Tum Racha, a delicious waterfall pork noodle for 10 baht, located on Petchkasem Road New Road. Don Tiles Sub-district, Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi Province, Mr. Watcharathorn, two young wives, revealed that more than he has a family with today Had to go through a lot of hardships Born in a crippled right leg and a poor state that he found love and married the first wife He is determined to build a position so that people do not feel less in front of others. Shortly after living together The first wife died.



From then he met his eldest wife, Khun Pla, who at first His wife’s peers did not agree. Lest it will be difficult But with consistency And sincerity Until his wife’s mother allowed them to marry Before helping each other make a living Both as a land broker Selling second-hand cars, Khun Pla had to wake up at 4 am, riding an old Saleng car to sell pigs after spending 11 years together with 2 children with the work that Khun Pla has to take care of. They feel worried

Even met Khun Wan, the youngest wife for the first time and admitted that he fell in love. Until had a chance to talk And open your heart to confess your feelings Invited to live as a family Help each other make a living Along with telling stories that already have a wife and children Including debts of more than 10 million baht without obscuring Before going to ask your mother for permission Which he said is a story for children To decide Probably cannot prohibit each other “

Mr. Watcharathorn, the young couple, said that for himself, being honest with the people we love is important. When tapped on Khun Wan’s side Therefore went to talk with Khun Pla to ask for permission Accept that if on that day you are not allowed to fish. He understood and would never hurt his wife’s heart. Today they are fortunate that both wives sincerely love themselves. Even businesses in this period are suffering from COVID. Oversupply Noodle shop near the bank But happy With a hand in hand to help overcome obstacles

You are sweet

You are sweet

On the side, Nong Wan, the youngest wife, revealed that in the beginning he came to help do the accounting work From the first known day The husband never hides that a wife has a child. It also has a lot of debt. But who decided to share life with Because he is diligent to eat Honest As for the elder Pla, the eldest wife had mercy on him as his sister. Who share suffering together

Mr. Fish

Mr. Fish

As for Khun Pla, the eldest wife, said that The first time the husband asked for more wives He admitted that secretly regretting deeply But agreed to allow it because love never hid each other Talk about everything And trusting her husband not to be partial In part, he believed that it was a fate to live together. After being together for 8 years, I admit that I love Nong Wan like a sister, eat together, work together to make a living. And raise all 4 children

When asked if the husband would come to have an additional wife as a third person, would he or she be allowed to do so? Khun Pla replied, “Probably none. I’m happy. “

Mr. Watcharathorn also made a deposit to the young Who are thinking of having double love “Please consider the feelings of the people around you, including your wife, children, parents a lot. If your wife does not agree, you will not hurt your heart.”

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