Drilling into the mission of MCOT with its efforts to earn money from new businesses

When the traditional media business such as digital TV continues to decline, MCOT has to adjust. Announcing Vision 2022 “The Year of Trusted News & Smart Entertainment” to the original business jigsaw to make money Build new businesses, generate income, achieve goals for the year 2025, create continuous profit growth

Assoc. Prof. Kasemsarn Chotichakornphan President, MCOT Public Company Limited said that from the past performance of MCOT which has a better direction and continued profit in 2022, MCOT announced the vision “The Year of Trusted News & Smart Entertainment”, reinforcing its leadership in offering Content that is reliable, accurate, fast, and verifiable by MCOT will move towards a Communication Solution Provider through Content / Product & Service that has solutions ready to answer customer consultations. by joining forces with Strategic Partners to grow together There is a key strategy to strengthen the business while building new business in the future: Reinforce – Refresh – Refine.

Reinforce builds on the legacy even better with Strategic Partner. To create goals together, add content that Wise & Clean aims to deliver creative content. benefit to society Accurate, verifiable, Refresh aims to The Trusted Platform and Smart Entertainment, and Refine builds on existing assets to generate income. “Sustainable stocks” by 2025 with continuous profit according to the guidelines for sustainable business in accordance with international principles (ESG – Environmental (Environment), Social (Social) and Governance (Good Governance)) to create opportunities for the company to be attractive to investors with sustainable investment ideas.

++New program chart, reinforcing Trusted Content

The new program schedule of Channel 9 MCOT HD, which will start in January 2022, continues to reinforce its Trusted Content reputation by developing news programs, entertainment programs, and Refreshing Brands, delivering new programs to the full chart during Prime-Time to increase popular and hope that Content can be back in the hearts of the audience, listeners again, full of news programs 80 hours / week, focusing on Inform and Verify, bringing useful, reference and reliable content to present Increase the fun with Smart Entertainment that can be both entertainment and knowledge at the same time with leading content from leading entertainment partners in the country such as We TV, MONO, etc. For new programs in the Prime-Time period, such as open-hearted programs, programs of Chuwit Poke Ting who has Chuwit Kamolwisit in a new personality that has never appeared anywhere before stock news items, etc.

As for the long-term goal of MCOT is to expand the content that is available in online channels and the OTT platform, it can be seen that the OTT market is very active. Because content producers Including many TV stations adjusted their strategies to focus on the OTT platform more in order to reduce the risk in the digital TV situation that is in the downtrend due to changing audience behavior. This is partly due to the COVID-19 situation. Encourage viewers to adapt to follow more content on online platforms

It is predicted that the OTT platform market in Thailand is worth up to 10 billion baht. In the past, MCOT sent the Y Boy Love series, which is likely to be very popular. Taste the OTT in the country such as AISPLAY, WE TV. etc. and abroad such as GagaOOLala, U-Next, as well as being a distributor of content copyrights in foreign markets. Started to penetrate the market in the ASEAN region to be broadcast via Free TV network and Platform OTT. Currently, revenue from content expansion in such platform is expected to be another channel that generates long-term income for the organization.”

++Ready to “Auction radio waves” in the beginning of 65

Assoc. Prof. Kasemsarn went on to say that As for the radio business, MCOT is preparing to participate in the radio spectrum auction. according to the office The NBTC announced that it will take place in early 2022. In the meantime, it aims to build a community of listeners through New Platform Online: The Trusted, focusing on clear, relevant, and meaningful content, expanding the service model to support the changing changes. will occur after the auction of radio waves

It is expected that next year revenue from the radio business will tend to improve. In addition, due to the epidemic situation of the COVID-19 virus, we have begun to adjust the format of our activities from on ground to online, enabling the creation of various new forms of activities and cost control. good

In the business of providing digital terrestrial television network services, the latest Ministry of Tourism and Sports The Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) has been granted permission from the Office of the NBTC to test broadcasting signals under the name “Channel T Sports 7, Channel No. 7” by broadcasting through the digital terrestrial television network of MCOT Standard Definition will begin reflecting revenue in the third quarter.

At present, MCOT has service users of the network with 4 channels, 2 of which are Digital High Definition TV channels, namely Thairath TV, Channel 32 and MCOT HD, Channel 30 and Digital TV Channels. Standard Definition, 2 channels, namely Parliament Television Station, Channel No. 10 and Channel T Sports 7, Channel No. 7. It is confident that with the potential and readiness of MCOT’s technology and personnel, MCOT will be ready to support the broadcasting effectively. This business is another important business that is a source of income for MCOT because it is not the income. It varies according to the country’s consumption like the television and radio media business.”

++ Overlook the old business shots Start a new business to make money

In addition, MCOT has accelerated the transformation of the business model to a new business (New Business Model) entering the field of TV Home Shopping business under the name Shop Mania by using Channel 9 MCOT HD as the main channel for selling products because it is Real-Time Platform, whose main products are health and beauty products. and home appliances In the future, there are plans to increase the variety of product types. Including preparing to produce health and beauty products under its own brand for distribution through Shop Mania and expanding promotional channels by integrating all platforms of MCOT to cover and reach consumers. as well as creating content, presenting products to be more attractive to encourage consumers to make quick purchases.

The extension of assets such as property and real estate (land) in Bangkok, Ratchada-Rama 9, Nong Khaem, Bang Phai and in the region will be carried out prudently under the law. regulations and taking into account the benefits that shareholders will receive as important It is expected that in the second quarter of 2022, it will begin to see clarity of land development in the Ratchada-Rama 9 area, including social knowledge businesses that can be expanded from MCOT ACADEMY and sure before sharing, etc., with the expectation that it can create added value. from new business

“In the past, MCOT has adjusted its business plan to be in line with the situation and can compete with competitors on an equal footing. Whether looking for strategic partners to build new businesses and increase profitability to create value for shareholders The goal is to drive MCOT to grow and become a sustainable stock by 2025,” Assoc. Prof. Kasemsarn said.



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