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Hong Kong News ● The government announced on June 1 that, starting this year, it will expand the qualifications for civil servants who need a bachelor’s degree to apply for civil servants who are entering their third year of university or who are n currently studying in their third year of university. university in the new school year. Under the new measures, departments/degrees may consider expanding the scope of recruitment to undergraduate and postgraduate students graduating from the next cohort according to their human resources and actual operational needs. Civil Service Secretary Yang He Beiyin said other ranks, including the civil, professional and disciplined forces, can decide whether to follow.

For details, please visit: Civil Servant Recruitment︱The third year of the university can take the exam early

Hong Kong News ●In the plague of the century, the spirit of Hong Kong people to help each other is greater, not less. In the past two and a half years, a “Blue Fridge” has been installed on Woosung Street in Jordan, with the words “Send what you want, get what you need”, which has attracted people’s attention. This “Community Sharing Fridge” was founded by Ahmed Khan, a Chinese-Pakistani mixed race. He put dry food and anti-epidemic supplies donated by good people in the fridge, and welcomed neighbors and homeless people to collect them, sparking hope for the community. When Jian Zhongwen died of illness last month, the neighbors saw the refrigerator showing a sad face. In an interview with this newspaper, Jane’s daughter said that her late father did good deeds throughout his life. Now that society is back to normal, “Blue Refrigerator” has completed its historic mission and will hold a farewell ceremony.

For details, go to: Under the epidemic, the community hopes that the father of “Oergell Las” will die and raise dry food to share on the ground

Finance ●Louis Vuitton (LV), an international fashion brand, has continued to raise prices due to weak consumer confidence in recent years. A large number of fans are still chasing them. After months of rumors on the mainland , they finally raised prices this month. This time, all product categories have increased in price, and many of them have a double-digit increase. A classic handbag with a price increase of 14% after more than a year, which is better than investing in stocks. However, the successful price increase of LV this time, the big boss Bernard Arnault may not be able to laugh, because the latest decline in the stock price of LVMH has made him once again lose the throne of the world’s richest man.

For details, please visit: LV Price Increase| Double-digit appreciation of various bags on the mainland, the highest one is 14%

Health ●Drinking alcohol is prone to hemorrhoids? According to statistics, on average, 1 in 3 people in the world suffer from hemorrhoids. Some surgeons have pointed out that there are 3 major factors that cause the veins around the anus to swell and become inflamed after drinking alcohol, which increase the risk of hemorrhoids, among which is the rate prevalence of type 1 44% higher than the average person. If you unfortunately suffer from hemorrhoids, there are 5 ways to help yourself and relieve pain and other symptoms.

For details, go to: 44% higher risk of hemorrhoids caused by drinking alcohol? Doctor reveals 3 main reasons and 1 type of people are at high risk

Entertainment Korean group BIGBANG in recent years has had a series of members committing crimes with officials and has not been able to get back together After member Shengli was imprisoned and left the group, member TOP (Cui Shengxuan), who was sentenced to 10 months in prison for smoking marijuana in the early years and was suspended for two years, earlier I also explained on IG that I quit BIGBANG!

For details, please visit: TOP officially announced his withdrawal from the group!One move to draw a line with BIGBANG, and the solo comeback is coming soon: entering the next chapter of life

Entertainment ● Former Hong Kong sister Zhang Baoer, 31 years old, married Yuan Weihao in 2020. After marriage, she has been living a world of two people Yesterday (1st) International Children’s Day, Zhang Baoer uploaded an ultrasound photo on IG to announce her pregnancy and receiving blessings from netizens! Zhang Baoer left a message and said: “I want to share this news with those who love us. We have a child. I am grateful to have reached this stage of life. I even more thanks to God for giving us a precious gift and injecting us with powerful energy. May the world treat him well, and may he bring more beauty to the world.”

For details, please visit: 31-year-old Zhang Baoer announced her pregnancy!After 3 years of marriage to Yuan Weihao, a man made a successful ultrasound exposure to announce the happy change of a family of three

International ●May 31 every year is “World No Tobacco Day”. Health Canada announced new regulations yesterday (May 31), requiring health warnings to be printed directly on all cigarettes sold in Canada, such as “smoking causes impotence”, “cigarettes cause blood cancer” , and so forth. Stopping young people who intend to try smoking. and encourage smokers to quit. The new rules will come into force on August 1. This is an unprecedented way to fight the damage of tobacco in the world.

For details, visit: Canada sets world precedent for health warnings to be printed directly on cigarettes

China ● Recently, a group of screenshots of WeChat chat records of a man and a woman in Liunan District, Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province have recently been circulated on the Internet, claiming that the conversation was “Liunan District Industry and Information director Bureau of Technology cheated on a female telecommunication business manager. Screenshots of the conversation between the two were sent to the city’s civil servants group”, and the related screenshots also attached the head portraits of men and women. Chat screenshots show that there is a lot of obscene content and pictures in the chat between the two parties.

For details, visit: Liuzhou director, who was fired after leaking obvious derailment photos and chat records

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