Drive into the back with the stolen car and ‘bang’ the police car… 10 year olds on the hunt

Teenagers who were driving without a license are running in the opposite direction on a highway after crashing into a police car.

Police arrested teenagers who ran into a police car on the highway after stealing a car in Suncheon, South Jeolla Province and fled.

Suncheon Police Station announced on the 7th that it had booked and investigated three people, including Group A (17), on charges of special theft, obstructing the performance of special duties, and taking off a vehicle under the Serious Specific Punishment Act. Crimes.

Group A and others are suspected of stealing an unlocked car on a street in Samsan-dong, Suncheon-si the day before at around 10:40pm, driving around the Jeonnam area, causing an accident, and then fleeing.

They drove the stolen car through the night and ran into an SUV at Daedeok junction in Damyang-gun at around 9:46 am the same day.

Group A and others continued the chase for about an hour with the police who were dispatched after receiving a report of a hit and run. In the process, he even had an accident where he crashed into two police cars and eight ordinary cars in a row while driving in reverse around Seosuncheon Junction.

Group A, who left the car and fled, was caught near Seosuncheon IC around 10:50 am. Group A, who was driving the vehicle, was investigated for driving approximately 70 km on the highway without a licence.

It was revealed that the two from different towns got to know each other while they were hospitalized in a hospital in Gwangju and conspired to commit the crime after being released from the hospital.

Two policemen were injured and taken to hospital.

The police are investigating the exact circumstances of the crime against group A and others. reporter Kim Ye-seul