Driving license renewal facility is also presented at Dubai airport

Driving license renewal facility is also presented at Dubai airport. This was knowledgeable by the Dubai Street Transportation Authority. A program for renewing the license will be established up in Terminal 1 of the airport.

The license renewal facility will be obtainable close to the departure hall at Terminal 1 of Dubai Intercontinental Airport. In the coming months, passengers will be equipped to finish the process of renewing their license shortly before their flight. An eye test must be concluded to start with to renew the licence.

This will also be facilitated at the airport in conjunction with a variety of personal optical devices. In the first section, the licensing center will run amongst 8 am and 8 pm. Future 12 months it will be 24 hours. The new method is very beneficial for travellers and airport personnel. RTA Licensing Agency Ex. Director Ahmed Mehboob mentioned.


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