‘Drug stigma’ actor Lee Sang-bo, sad news

Photo = Actor Lee Sang-bo’s Instagram (@sangbo_1021)

[공감신문] Reporter Kim Ba-joon = Actor Lee Sang-bo posted a recent situation.

On the 18th, actor Lee Sang-bo posted a photo of his mother’s grave with a comment, “I should have come a little earlier, but I came back too far” on his Instagram on the 18th.

In the post, actor Lee Sang-bo said, “I will persevere and overcome.” “It will be difficult to recover, but I will come back soon with the result that it is not.”

Previously, actor Lee Sang-bo was arrested for using drugs, but it was revealed that the drug did not come out as a result of the drug test at the hospital on the same day, causing netizens to worry.

On the 14th, actor Lee Sang-bo posted on his Instagram that he had been in an argument about the sedative he took after leaving his family for several years and the alcohol he drank on the day of the incident.

Photo = Actor Lee Sang-bo's Instagram (@sangbo_1021)
Photo = Actor Lee Sang-bo’s Instagram (@sangbo_1021)

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