“‘Drunk Driving’ Kim Sae-ron’s passenger is Daniel Kang”… absurd rumors

A YouTuber uses thumbnails to mosaic photos related to Kim Sae-ron and Kang Daniel
Suspicions have been raised online that ‘Isn’t Daniel Kang a passenger?’
Police “The passenger was a non-celebrity woman… Review of allegations of aiding and abetting drunk driving

Actor Kim Sae-ron Instagram capture

While actress Kim Sae-ron was charged with violating the Road Traffic Act (drunk driving), a YouTuber claimed that Kim Sae-ron’s passenger was a male actor, creating a rumor.

This YouTuber used a picture of Daniel Kang and Sae-ron Kim together as a thumbnail, creating an absurd rumor as if Daniel Kang was a passenger.

A YouTuber claimed through a video on the 19th that a male actor was riding in Kim Sae-ron’s car at the time of the accident. In the video thumbnail, a picture of Kim Sae-ron with a man with a mosaic was used.

This photo was posted in 2019 by Kim Sae-ron, cheering for Kang Daniel, who was finishing up his Wanna One activities, and because of this thumbnail, suspicions arose online that the passenger was Kang Daniel.

However, Daniel Kang was not in Kim Sae-ron’s car.

According to a report by News 1, the police said that when Kim Sae-ron was caught driving under the influence, the passenger was a non-celebrity woman. Police are looking to see if a charge of aiding drunk driving can be applied to her passenger.

Earlier, on the 17th, the day before the accident, actress Kim Bo-ra posted a picture taken with Kim Sae-ron on her social media (SNS) account, raising speculation that he was the passenger. In response, Kim Bo-ra denied her allegations by posting an emoticon with the words “Is it me?” on her Instagram story.

Since then, there have been a number of victims online, who wrote reckless speculations and unconfirmed photos about Kim Sae-ron’s companion.

Meanwhile, Sae-ron Kim was arrested on the morning of the 18th on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act (drunk driving). Kim Sae-ron was caught by the police who were dispatched after receiving a report from the surrounding saying, “There is a vehicle driving while staggering.” Kim Sae-ron, who refused the on-site breathalyzer test, wanted blood, and returned home after a blood test at the hospital.

Kim Sae-ron apologized through her agency’s Gold Medalist and her SNS a day after being caught drunk driving. The future schedule of Netflix original ‘Hounds’ and SBS drama ‘Trolley’, which he was scheduled to appear in, has also been changed. He decided to leave ‘Trolley’, and ‘Hounds’, which is currently filming, said, “The filming schedule will be adjusted.”

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