drunkest-country-in-the-world-according-to-global-drug-survey | Last year, Australians drank the most, and women drank the most

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A global survey reveals that Australians are the largest drinkers in the world. This was found in the 2021 report of the Global Drug Survey. Organizers of the survey asked more than 32,000 people from 22 different countries to monitor their alcohol consumption by 2020. People from Australia were found to have consumed an average of 27 times. This is double the global average.

On average, Australians drink up to two days a week, but only once every two weeks. Interestingly, there are women who drink more than men. It shatters the common notion that Australian men are the biggest drinkers. The locals love beer and wine. The country was able to circumvent such restrictions even as the rest of the country went into lockdown and closure. This may make them the most alcoholic country in the world by 2020. Last year, bars and clubs operated there as usual. It was only when the Delta variant began to expand by 2021 that the country turned to closure.

Denmark and Finland are in second place in the Global Drug Survey. The United Kingdom ranks next with 22.5 cases of alcoholism per year. Below that, Canada also made the list.

At the same time, despite being close to Australia, New Zealand became one of the least alcoholic countries in the survey. There, on average, survey participants drank only 10 times on average. The survey found that although Australians are ranked as the world’s largest drinkers, they have no regrets about their drinking habits. People in Irish, Polish, and New Zealand regretted drinking the most. Denmark had no regrets about getting drunk. The Australians were upset that they had consumed so much alcohol in such a short period of time. In 2017, Australians were named the world’s largest cannabis smokers.



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