DSB gave a mandate for general lists with “We continue the change”

“Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria” (DSB) mandated the “Democratic Bulgaria” coalition to run in the parliamentary elections together with “We continue the change”.

The decision was taken at the party’s national convention on Saturday.

“The National Conference of the DSB supports the efforts of the party’s leadership to achieve a general turnout in the upcoming early parliamentary elections of “Democratic Bulgaria – Unification” with the PP “We Continue the Change” as the only opportunity for them to win, to get out of the political crisis and broadcast governance” , stated in a party resolution.

DSB believes that the next administration must reform the Bulgarian institutions, carry out a real judicial reform, to eradicate corruption and ensure economic growth, through which the incomes and well-being of Bulgarian citizens will be significantly increased; to modernize the Bulgarian army and services, to fulfill the necessary conditions for Bulgaria’s admission to Schengen and the Eurozone, to strengthen Bulgaria’s Euro-Atlantic orientation and establish itself as a reliable partner in the EU and NATO, to resolutely counter Kremlin threats and any attempts to deviate from Bulgaria’s foreign policy orientation.

The national meeting of the DSB evaluates what has been achieved by the “Democratic Bulgaria” coalition format as successful and states that the main goal should be the preservation and future consolidation of the union.

The party appreciates pprolonged rule in the form of caretaker governments, appointed by President Rumen Radev, as dangerous for democracy, the Euro-Atlantic orientation and economic development of Bulgaria, and its influence in the region.

The national council of the DSB assigns the party’s municipal and regional structures to conduct negotiations for a broad unification of the reformist forces with the aim of raising common candidates in the upcoming local elections.

The removal of GERB and DPS from the local government is the only possibility to overcome the corruption and feudalization of the Bulgarian municipalities, indicated by DSB.

Guests at the DSB meeting were Vladislav Panev – co-chairman of the PP “Green Movement”, Hristo Ivanov – chairman of the PP “Yes, Bulgaria”, Kiril Petkov – co-chairman of the PP “Continuing the Change”.

Atanasov: Let’s break the feudal model before the local elections

DSB Chairman Atanas Atanasov stated during the forum that the early parliamentary elections are extremely important because it depends on who will govern the country before the local elections.

“We must break the feudal model of local government management, because the local feudal lords of GERB, who rule over 80 municipalities and have the power of these networks in places, they have generated the power so far.” he pointed out.

Together we must make it so that after the next elections we also secure victory in the local elections, then together we turn the course of our country, said the chairman of the DSB.

Atanasov expects the battle for local power to be fierce.

The restoration forces have apparently come to the conclusion that the game of attrition they have put the country’s political system into has already been won, and that they are entering the phase of seeking their revenge, he believes. Borisov and his friends want to return to power on a white horse, said Atanasov.

This spring the next election will not be held, this spring will be the battle between the aforementioned restoration forces and us, the reformation forces, commented the chairman of the DSB.

This battle will be either us or them, and I personally believe that we can win it, if and only this time, as in 1997, we walk the path of unification and concentration of democratic forces, he added.

According to him, then the pro-European vector in Bulgarian politics will win.

Kiril Petkov: The unification of good forces begins

The co-chairman of “Continuing the Change” (PP) Kiril Petkov defined as the first step of a big process the unification between his formation and the “Democratic Bulgaria” (DB) coalition, which are negotiating for a general appearance in the elections on April 2.

“A process called the unification of good forces. All democratic communities, parties, people with causes and activities, with the idea of ​​Bulgaria being a different country, to be prosperous, we are starting the great unification. What you will see is that the next three months, this process will continue like an avalanche,” said Petkov.

Hristo Ivanov: I don’t expect the lists to be decisive for the coalition

DB co-chairman Hristo Ivanov indicated for his part that he does not expect the lists for the upcoming elections to be decisive for the coalition.

“I don’t expect the lists to be decisive. The policy, the political direction, is decisive.” he pointed out.

“Success for the next elections is to find that formula of participation in them that will allow us to broadcast a strong democratic reformist government,” said Ivanov.

Talks are coming

On Friday, in the “Panorama” program, Nikola Minchev from the PP said that unification with “Democratic Bulgaria” is being seriously considered. The National Council of the PP has given a mandate for talks for both the local and the upcoming parliamentary elections, Nikola Minchev said.

He characterized a possible unification between “Democratic Bulgaria” and “We continue the change” as reformist, democratic, pro-Western, in which civil organizations will also take part. “We cannot characterize it as an umbrella, it is a platform,” announced Nikola Minchev.

Earlier in the week, on the sidelines of the parliament, the co-chairman of “Democratic Bulgaria” Hristo Ivanov also confirmed that talks are being held with “We Continue the Change” for joint participation in the vote, but stressed that nothing has been finalized yet in the coalition negotiations.

The DSB warned of more compromising materials from GERB

“Are you surprised, we are already in an election campaign and the taints that spring from GERB will spring even more. Trade in special products in Bulgaria is also free.” said Atanas Atanasov.

He commented on the words of Boyko Borisov that representatives of the government of “Continuing the change” got rich because of the arms mediation with Ukraine.

“The important thing is something else. I was part of the delegation of Prime Minister Petkov when we went to Ukraine and the meeting with Zelensky. Do you know what was the main sentence of the talks in a bunker? Mr. Zelensky said: I thank the Bulgarian government for not hindering our trade relationship with your military industry,” explained Atanas Atanasov.

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