DSI calls 6 more people to explain Forex3D

DSI has held a meeting to follow up on the case of the Forex3D Pony Scheme, where 12 people remain in group 3. Officers will be divided into 6 groups to be informed of the allegations.

Today (21 September 2022) the Special Cases Investigation Team In the case of the Forex3D Pony Scheme, called a meeting to monitor the progress of the hearing more individuals to be informed about the allegations. in the Department of Special Investigations (DSI)

Police Lieutenant Colonel Witsanu Chimtrakul, director of the Informal Finance Business Division, said that 4 people in this group have been informed of the allegations, while the remaining 12 will call the first group of 6 from people, 1 of whom are foreigners. play a key role in Forex3D and have a close relationship with Mr. Apirak Kothi, the main suspect in the case.

In addition, it was found that some people in the NGO were checking the route. transactions and financial status and finding that Transfers and transfers from Mr. Apirak.

Although many people have income or financial status in the account inconsistent with their profession. Some people also found history of traveling abroad at the same time as Mr Apirak. The matter of the male stars that appeared in the previous news According to investigative data, there has been no connection to the case or any third group.

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