DSI caught illegal crypto mining using electricity from 500,000 per month to 300

DSI raided 41 crypto mines in Bangkok and Nonthaburi province, found to be illegally involved in the royal electricity, from 500,000 baht per month to 300 baht, causing the state to lose more than 500 million baht per a year.

On November 30, 2022, Pol. Lt. Col. Chalermchon Unhaseri, deputy director of the Technology and Litigation Information Division. Lt. Director of the Technology and Information Cases Division and Mr. Chawaphon Sinpoonphak, Director of Technology and Information Cases Division 2 in conjunction with the Institute of Forensic Science, Customs Department, Metropolitan Electricity Authority. and State Electricity Authority Commencement of “Electrical Shock” operation

Inspected a commercial building suspected of having stolen electricity To be used as mining points for digital currency mining in the amount of 41 locations in Nonthaburi and Bangkok provinces, seizing more than 2,000 digital currency mining machines with a total value of more than 400 million baht.


According to the Department of Special Investigations received complaints about technology crimes Illegal mining of digital currency, especially Bitcoin Bitcoin mining equipment comes from abroad. and illegal use of electricity Causing the country to suffer damages of almost 300 million baht per year

therefore assigned the Technology and Information Division Litigation is the agency responsible for investigation by coordinating with the Metropolitan Electricity Authority Provincial Electricity Authority and the Customs Department Suspicious places were found scattered in and around Bangkok, where Bitcoin mining uses a large amount of electricity, which is similar to an industrial factory. But there is direct power smuggling without going through the power meter

namely electric current which is an offense of theft according to the Criminal Code And there may be many other offenses involved. which Division of Information Technology and Litigation Conducted an investigation until finding a group of capitalists with the circumstances of acquiring commercial buildings in Bangkok and And more than 41 locations in the perimeter that are rented for use as a place to install digital currency mining machines

Each building will install around 100 digital currency mining machines at each point. without passing the meter This causes the cost of electricity to be significantly lower than it really is. Having to pay about 500,000 baht per month for electricity per station, but only pay electricity about 300-2,000 baht per station, causing the Metropolitan Electricity Authority to lose more than 20 million baht per month.

Special Investigation Department therefore sought approval for a search warrant from the Criminal Court to search 41 suspected commercial premises and together with the Forensic Science Institute seized more than 2,000 digital currency mining machines worth more than 400 million baht for examination. Including checking with the Customs Department that the Kingdom of Thailand is being imported. through customs formalities Legal or not

From the more extensive investigation, it was found that Nowadays, a large amount of digital currency is being used illegally to mine electricity in many areas across the country. by importing digital currency mining machines from abroad especially from the People’s Republic of China to be installed in commercial buildings with low rent

It will then secretly connect the power directly to the building. To reduce the cost of electricity in cryptocurrency mining operations. And turn on the mining machine to work 24 hours a day, which are such actions, as well as being illegal It also makes the risk of fire. Because the mine uses electricity as high as the electricity used in the factory. causing high heat build-up And it’s the wrong type of commercial building.

Special Investigation Department We would like to publicize commercial building owners or residents in various commercial buildings to help each other observe the surrounding area. If you find a suspicious place, report it to the police immediately. Regarding the case where the Electricity Authority officers will be involved or not. The Special Investigations Department will continue to investigate further.

Mr Triyarit Temahiwong, Director General of the Special Investigation Department, said that the inspection this time was due to the fact that there were digital or crypto mining companies that were defrauding electricity bills by using the residential building as a source of operations, totaling to 41 points. When investigating the area, almost 10 other points were discovered, a total of 50 points, with the first point being searched today as an important point. Because this is the point where a carer holds the key in different points

Each building will have more than 30 spiral mining machines, which usually have to pay an electricity bill of at least 10,000 baht per month, but this building was found to cost only 300 baht per month by stealth for more than a year if it is a total of 50 points, there are more than 3,000 computers, and if it is all illegal use of electricity causing the state to lose income and cause a lot of damage

In addition, it was found that the owner’s name is Thai. And it will extend the consequences to other investors more. If they are found to belong to foreign investors, they will follow up and sue. Initially, not all compensation can be completed and he can be prosecuted for theft charges. by stealing state electricity Civil and criminal cases must be filed. As with other accusations, further investigation is required.

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