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Du Cao admits defeat: Chelsea is still thinking about winning in this situation…

Hong Kong time, December 30th. In the 20th round of the Premier League, Chelsea drew 1-1 at home against Brighton. In this game, Chelsea scored the first goal but was tied by the opponent.After the game, Chelsea coach Du CaoThomas TuchelHe expressed his views on all aspects of this game.

  Regarding the team’s performance throughout the game and Reese JamesReece JamesChristineAndreas ChristensenPresiChristian Pulisic‘S injury

Reese James suffered a hamstring injury and Christines suffered a back injury. This is quite certain. Facing a strong team, we knew before the game that it would be a very difficult game. They are well prepared, and they always do. In the face of Brighton, I did not see a team play a wonderful game.

Obviously we will be struggling because there are too many players and we don’t know when we can count on it. We have a long list of injuries and some players have been infected with the new crown. I really don’t know what they can do. We started very well until Rees James was injured, which was a huge blow for us. Before the injury, Christensen was one of the best players on the field. To be honest, after Jandi came on the court, we became better again and had a very big chance of winning.

In this game, one of our players suffered injuries again, and we are at risk for his player’s health.

  Regarding whether he has withdrawn from the championship battle

Why are we in the championship battle? We have 7 players infected with the new crown, and five or six players have been injured for more than 6 weeks. How are we going to compete for the championship? Those teams that have a complete lineup and every player can participate in training can survive this time. With so many players suffering from injuries or contracting the new crown, if we think we can win the championship, that would be a stupid idea.

The reality is that we cannot compete for the championship. We must adapt to the requirements of our situation. In the case of home games, we tried our best to defeat Brighton.

Whether it is physical fitness, game intensity or game time, I don’t know what my players can bring. No one knows what will happen, because we have never experienced such a thing. We experimented over and over again to see what we could do. We can play better, but we need a more complete lineup.

  About HuanerTimo Werner

Huana’s situation is not ideal, he has not yet participated in training. Yes, he did this because he was infected with the new crown.

  About LukakuRomelu Lukaku

I am surprised at what Lukaku has done so far. This is the fact, but I don’t know how long this situation can last. We will try hard and see what happens, because no one knows the future.

I was surprised because he was missing six weeks or eight weeks from the injury. When he was about to come back, he was infected with the new crown. After a training session, he needs to participate in the game. This is our current situation.




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