Du Feng: Congratulations to “Young Player” Yi Jianlian, he is the pride of Chinese basketball_Competition_Regular Season_Guangdong

Original title: Du Feng: Congratulations to “Young Player” Yi Jianlian, he is the pride of Chinese basketball

Data map source: Xinhua News Agency

Beijing time on December 26th, in today’s CBA regular season game, Guangdong Hongyuan defeated Fujian 124-103, winning 9 consecutive victories!

After the game, Guangdong men’s basketball coach Du Feng confirmed Fujian coach Zhu Shilong. “I believe that Zhu Shilong has made a lot of contributions to the Fujian team over the years. He knows this team very well, and the team adjusted very well during today’s game, which also causes a lot of trouble for us.” Du Feng said.

Yi Jianlian contributed 20 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists in this game. His regular season scoring also exceeded 10,000 points entering today’s game. Not only did Du Feng take Yi Jianlian to the post-match press conference on a rare occasion, but he also expressed his appreciation for Yi Jianlian in the press conference.

“Here, I still want to congratulate our “little player” Yi Jianlian for scoring 10,000 points in the regular season in his life. In fact, he was only 4 points short after the last game. I don’t know . I only know after the game. I know, I should congratulate “Student Xiaoyi” in the last game.” Du Feng said after the game.

Du Feng thinks that Yi Jianlian is not easy. His attitude towards the game is something that everyone needs to learn. Whether he is a Guangdong player or a Chinese basketball player, he is the pride our Chinese basketball. It is very important for Chinese basketball. to get it, a happy thing.

“I think it’s not easy. There was a rebound today. After grabbing it, it was almost a stranger. Ah Lian rolled to the floor to grab the floor ball. I went back and told those young players in a season regular, Yi Jianlian Can count on every ball. The attitude towards every ball needs to be learned and admired.” Du Feng said: “I am very happy that he was able to score 10,000 points in the regular season in such a short period of time. , whether he is a domestic basketball player Among them, he is still is a Guangdong basketball player, he is really the pride of our Chinese basketball, and it is a happy thing for Chinese basketball.”

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