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Du Feng: The adjustment of the veteran players in the rotation shows that the young players are still far from the requirements.

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Original title: Du Feng: The adjustment of the old players during the shift proves that the young players are still far from the requirements

On October 26, Beijing time, the CBA regular season of the 2021-22 season continued, with the Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team facing the Sichuan Men’s Basketball Team. In the end, the Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team defeated the Sichuan Men’s Basketball Team 111-108.

Yi Jianlian, Zhou Peng, and Zhao Rui did not appear in this game. The game was not divided until the final moments, and Sichuan once saw the hope of dragging the game into overtime.

After the game, Du Feng first explained the reasons for the rotation of many players: “There have been four tough games since the start of the game, including against teams with foreign aid. After four games, today’s game is to adjust for the old players. So Zhou Peng and Zhao Rui took turns, and Ren Junfei only played 16 minutes.”

Old players take turns and young players naturally get more playing time, but Du Feng is obviously not satisfied with the performance of the young players today. “Through the verification of this game, there are no veteran players and young players and the team’s requirements are still very poor. You cannot be complacent just because you have won a few games. You must improve yourself through training more steadily and take the baton from the old players. .”

“Like Zhang Haojia, Zhejiang, he scored more than ten points before. The media asked me to evaluate his performance. In fact, he leaked more than 20 points after watching the video. I can’t accept this. Everyone only saw him score and didn’t see him appear on the defensive end. How many problems. To see the progress of young players, we must also see the deficiencies, so that the team can get better and better.” Du Feng continued, “Today’s first quarter was a bit defensive. Although I won 3 points in the end, I was still not satisfied with the team’s performance.”

Xu Jie scored 24 points and 7 assists in this game. At the press conference after the game, he also said that it is rare for young players to get so much time. “First of all, I would like to thank Director Du for giving the young players so many opportunities, but we did not cherish them, and neither offensive nor defensive responds. This kind of opportunity is not often available. I hope that I will be more demanding in the next training.” Xu Jie said.

Sichuan coach Zhou Jinli commented on this game: “Today is an attitude of learning from the Guangdong team. The young players played a brave and daring style throughout the game. The technical and tactical aspects were also good, but the small details were not done well. , The experience is relatively poor.”Return to Sohu to see more


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