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Well, not many artists have bought NFTs, or you talk, it’s none of my business, I don’t know it, and I have no money. Du Wenze is really strong, he simply launched his own NFT instead of buying a famous brand. While waiting for you to buy the page, Qu Kai will combine one of the Concepts “DAO” in this year’s “Metaverse” and bury it in the NFT. From DAO and NFT, I really don’t know! Don’t be afraid, you know ePrice.


What is the NFT system? It can be very simple to talk about, and it can be very detailed. Before, Daniel visited another NFT Project in Hong Kong: HolyShxxt, which explained a lot, and I won’t talk about it this time. And the NFT that Du Wenze released this time is similar to the Project that came out to stir up. The newsletter of “Liesao” wrote:

“In order to celebrate the first anniversary of “Li Sao”, we decided to launch 10,000 NFTs and set up “Li DAO”…”Li DAO” (NFT) is a frog, and each frog will have a different Gear. The background, unique, is recorded in the blockchain in the form of NFT.

In human words, Du Sheng will launch 10,000 NFTs in the name of “Lel DAO”, which will be presented in the form of Profile Pic, which will probably look like a frog. According to Du Sheng’s official website, it seems that each NFT requires 0.26 ETH. At the time of writing, one ETH = HK$24,920,It is Du Sheng’s NFT, and each one sells for about HK$6,479.2, of course, excluding the “handling fee”, Gas fee, etc.

Like ordinary NFTs, Du Sheng’s “Lel DAO” NFTs are bought first by the people in the circle, what are the people in the circle? Zhahuali Sao VIP members can give priority to purchase on 19/1/2022.” After that, the public sale will be carried out first, and according to the general NFT practice, the public development and sale of HolyShxxt as we introduced earlier will be more expensive than the VIP subscription. What is it called a Lisao VIP member? “Lisao” VIP member is their annual membership. According to their website, the annual fee is HK$800, which means that you will pay for your students and want to buy their NFTs. Instant class HK$800 as an admission ticket!

What is called DAO

Why is it called “Lel DAO”? Because Mr. Du’s surname is Du? In fact, the concept of DAO is a big hit this year. DAO is actually the abbreviation of Decentralized Autonomous Organization. In Chinese, it is called Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Without a big platform, everyone has the right to speak. And Du Wenze, his newsletter, wrote:

The boss of “Lel DAO” is not only Du Wenze, but also you. All “Lel DAO” holders have the right to decide the future of “Lel DAO”, and even the future of everyone in the company, including CEO Du Wenze. The first goal of “Lel DAO” will be in the Metaverse – a virtual world, invest in buying a piece of land! Let’s open a Genius Bar that belongs to us, and hold the “Lel DAO” NFT, you can enter at any time, make plans with your own people, and scare friends. Zhong has the right to sign up for Chapman To’s Private night, with the CEO Kuo Yuan. The universe drinks and blows water together! In addition to opening the Genius Bar, you can also participate in our decision-making, and all the company’s products in the future, including movie tickets and Taiwanese food, will have the right of first refusal and discounts. Many, many things you want to do can be done through “Lel DAO” “Vote to decide.

Pushing the Metaverse stuff, after wearing the microphone, everyone should use the hood to wear the Virtual World to make friends? You must use 6,000 mosquitoes to buy a pair of super VIPs? Even Du Wenze’s future is determined by you. Has anyone played the game? Or everyone will read, and there are Hong Kong stars who are involved in large-scale NFT projects. Is Mi really making money? Will you all get involved?

Du Wenze released NFT! 10,000

▲ The picture above is about the sketch of “Lel DAO” NFT, if everyone is interested in Du Sheng’s “Lel DAO” NFT? You can click to pay attention to more.

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