Home World Due to the spread of mutations in the United States, the vaccination rate also rises in ‘vaccine-avoidable’ regions… Looking around and disguising

Due to the spread of mutations in the United States, the vaccination rate also rises in ‘vaccine-avoidable’ regions… Looking around and disguising

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As COVID-19 enters a resurgence in the United States due to a delta mutation (indian mutation), the vaccination rate is also increasing in some southern regions where there was a strong resistance to vaccines. Some residents of the area have been reported to have requested anonymity so that others could not know, or even appeared to be vaccinated in disguise.

Citing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Johns Hopkins University on the 30th (local time), CNBC reported that the number of new vaccines in the top 10 states with the most daily average new cases per population increased by 46% in one week. This is 15 percentage points higher than the overall increase in vaccinations in the United States (31%).

The top 10 states with the highest daily average new cases were Louisiana, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, Alabama, Oklahoma, Alaska and Georgia. In Alabama, the first dose rose to 62% as the daily dose reached 7,400 last week. An official from the local authorities explained, “The concern about the delta strain may be the cause of the increased interest in vaccination.”

“The number of people starting to get vaccinated has doubled,” a Louisiana health official said in a phone call with local media last week.

The southern region of the United States has recorded a low vaccination rate and high virus spread due to a feeling of rejection against vaccines. It is analyzed that anti-vaccine theories, conspiracy theories, fake news, and certain political leanings that have continued in Western society for a long time acted here.

Residents who are vaccinated in these areas are also being secretly vaccinated. The New York Times quoted officials from Ozarks Healthcare Hospital in Missouri as saying that “some residents are secretly injecting themselves to avoid clashes with family, relatives and friends who refuse to be vaccinated.” Some inoculations have been reported to ask medical staff to remain anonymous or even disguise themselves.

“These people were very concerned about how their family and co-workers would react if they found out that they had been vaccinated,” an Ozarks Hospital official said. We should all be free to do what we want.”

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