Due to weather conditions, Idaho's highways are closed

The Department of Transport's road report map of Idaho has been due to closure and caution in recent days One Boyes compared to the Jackson Pollock painting. And it could be worse.

Shortly before Wednesday noon, ITD had nine active closures throughout the state, three of which were influenced by entrances directly in or out of the Treasure Valley. Winter storm warning for western-central mountains remained in force by 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

"In ITD's three years, this is close to the worst things ever seen on things across the state," said Jake Melder, a spokesman for the agency.

There are 95 blocked travel closures between the Council and New Meadows on Wednesday morning. Idaho 55, the alternative route to the east of US 95, built by the Pretenders and Donnelly drivers, said that there was purple to sign "difficult" signs – refusing snow, reduced visibility, danger of lack and slushy conditions or frozen.

Where both roads come together, issuing the Avalanche Payette Center alerts "avalanche very dangerous conditions".

511 map.JPG

Map 511 of the Department of Transport of Idaho shows many road closures and warnings on Wednesday, February 13. ITD officials are asking people to avoid road travel as much as possible due to winter conditions.

Idaho Transportation Department

Idaho 21 was closed in two separate places on Wednesday. The first one, from the Mores Creek Summit to Lowman (mileage 48 to 72), due to snow flowing, Melder said. The second is from Grandjean to the Banner Creek Summit (milepost 94 to 105), known as "Avalanche Alley."

"That's a very avalanche area," Melder said. "The risk of the avalanche at this point in time is too high even if the road is clear."

Sawtooth Avalanche Center stated that the conditions in the area are very dangerous.

95.JPG went

Idaho Transportation Department

There was a bad shape on Wednesdays on highways throughout the state, including Idaho 21, Idaho 75, US 20 and Interstate 84 parts east of Boise. Melder said that snow was a key issue over the roads – and one that is hard to tackle.

ITD provided resources from Treasure Valley, where it is almost 40 degrees and rainfall, to prepare the mountains for additional extra weather.

"We got some land … but the weather is very unexpected," Melder said. "There is no guarantee that we will be able to keep things open or open now closed roads."

On the north side, Idaho 5 is close to St Mary's, and many roads are at risk. In the South East of Idaho, there is a general closure near the Wyoming border, with Idaho 33, Idaho 32, Idaho 87 and US 20 routes.

Transport officers are trying to stay at home.

"The best thing for people in this center is to avoid traveling if you can," Melder said.

If you need to drive completely, ITD encourages you to pack an emergency bag, tell others when you're going and when you're expecting you, and give you plenty of time to travel. In addition, Melder said, it is important to observe obstacles to roads, even if the future outlines.

Get more ITD winter driving resources here and get up-to-date information with the 511 road report map.


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