Due to works, they will close the western side of the Molinos station

In order to start the foundation work, assembly of the metallic structure and construction of the exclusive lanes of the new Molinos Transmilenio station, on Monday, May 29, the wagons in the north-south direction of the existing station will be closed. It is estimated that the closing will be brought forward by 5 months.

This novelty will affect those who use the routes H20, H54, H72 y H75 in a north-south direction, so you must take into account the following changes:

  • Routes H20 and H54 will be temporarily relocated to car 1 of the Consuelo station (Avenida Caracas with Carrera 12).
  • The H72 route will reorganize its stop in car 2 of the Consuelo station. It will be the last stop before reaching the Portal de Usme.
  • Route H76 omits its stop at the Consuelo station.
  • The departure of people will be enabled on the south side of the Consuelo station from 4 pm to -10 pm.

On the construction of the new Molinos BRT station

The development of the new Molinos station is part of the expansion of the carriageways in which two mixed lanes and two exclusive lanes for TransMilenio must be guaranteed. It will be a T2 type station (pattern 2 with two accesses), made up of two wagons 48 meters long by 5 meters wide.


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